7 Ways To Show Respect And Appreciation For Your Truck Drive...

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Truck drivers usually work long, hard hours. Sharing the road with them can be a good experience for everyone if we remember they deserve our respect and admiration. There are some things we can do to make truckers’ lives easier while they’re on the road and show them that what they do is important to us. Respect their time. Truck drivers are on deadlines. Time for them is precious and an extended delay may mean they’re spending another night in the cabin of their rig instead of being at home with family. Of course, there may be times when this can’t be controlled, like traffic jams, but time can be saved in areas like unloading and loading of cargo. Just like everyone else – a driver’s time is valuable. Pay them fairly. Companies paying drivers a fair wage have a higher retention rate. If they know their skills and time…

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