Most Popular Trucking Apps

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Driving a commercial truck is not easy work. It entails long hours on the road, by yourself and the amount of information truck drivers need and process in order to do their jobs safely and efficiently is staggering. Fortunately, there are a wide range of trucking apps available to help drivers manage and streamline this process.

Truck Apps

Below are 5 of the most popular trucking apps out there.

Trucker Tools

This mobile friendly app was designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad. It’s free to download and use and provides comprehensive information on everything from regional fuel prices, to truck washes, rest areas and impending weather conditions. It also contains a job listing board and message forum, invoicing options and a whole host of other relevant process management software which makes being on the road easier to deal with.

MyDAT Trucker

This app was created for android operating systems and essentially tells drivers where all upcoming truck stops are and will provide location-specific information about each one. The app compiles information on diesel prices, hotels that can accommodate trucks, scales and rest stops all in one place.

Smart Truck Route

This is an extremely useful app in that it allows drivers to avoid restricted areas, bridges and upcoming road work, improving efficiency, especially for drivers who are paid by the mile and receive no compensation for sitting and waiting in construction zones, or back-tracking to navigate around bridges and off-limits areas.

CAT Scale

Another app for the Android platform, this one lets drivers access information on CAT scale locations wherever they are. Drivers can locate and save this information for later so that they are not spending valuable time searching for weigh stations later on. The app recognizes a driver’s geographical position and searches the area based on that.

Keep Truckin

Considered by many to be the best electronic logbook for drivers, it allows them to manage and track daily logs on their phone without having to pay anything. They are simple to manage and edit and provide alerts when any violations of guidelines or legislation surrounding hours of service may occur. Drivers can manage their hours and plan their schedules, as well as send the information to their employers for free.

The number of variables that a commercial truck driver has to manage are considerable. Thankfully, with the advent of portable technology like the smartphone and tablet, all of this can be done and coordinated from one small device while the driver is en route. Try some of the above free apps and be amazed at the level of efficiency you can achieve in the palm of your hand!


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