The Top 8 Must-Have Apps For Truckers

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Due to the demands of the job, truck drivers are turning to technology to make their lives a bit easier while on the road.

Recent surveys show that drivers increasingly use their phones for a number of functions both work related and personal. To help you better decide what you do and don’t want to download, here are some of the top apps that our team thinks drivers should have on their smart phones.

Must Have Apps For Truckers

Trucker Tools

With this app, truck drivers can obtain coupons for over 5000 stops in North America. Additionally, they can find the best gas prices and get directions to each stop to keep their costs at a minimum while on the road.


This app is designed to provide information on the best fuel prices for truck drivers drawing on a network of users. The user-fueled network helps to provide up-to-date prices for thousands of fuel stations across the US and Canada. Drivers can find the cheapest fuel stations in nearby areas and even view pictures of the gas station and its features.

FleetSafer Mobile

The danger of texting while driving is well known, and for truck drivers, it is especially dangerous because they are often on highways travelling at high speeds. This app sends an automatic “I am driving” message in response to incoming calls and text messages while the driver is on the road.

Co-Pilot Live Truck

This cutting edge piece of technology is a navigational system designed specifically for trucks. The app takes into account the size, weight and cargo of the truck and based on this information, the app provides customised data on truck friendly routes. Maps are downloadable and can function even when offline. This way, drivers can save a lot of time by avoiding roads with low clearance restrictions and have better travel plans.

Weather Channel

This app provides reliable forecasts on weather patterns. The screen changes automatically based on your current location and provides instant alerts and warnings.

Big Road Free Trucker Log Book

For drivers who don’t like paper, this app is a convenient way for them to keep track of information. The app also allows you to locate truck stops, scales and other places of interest.


This app is more focused on document delivery. Drivers can send documents to their carriers and they in turn can send it to brokers.


Skype is a great way for drivers to stay in touch with family and friends while on the road. The Skype app allows drivers to obtain online phone numbers and receive voice mails and text messages easily. It can also be used for video conferences with other drivers and dispatchers.

These are just a few of the thousands of available apps that help while you’re on the road. What are some of your go-to apps? Let us know below so we can share them with our readers!


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