Most Fuel Efficient Transport Trucks

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Fuel economy is based on aerodynamics, tires, gearing, and hybrid engines. Other factors that affect fuel economy which aren’t related to the design of the truck include travel distance, weight of load, driving conditions, and driving habits such as idling time and driving speed. Remember when comparing trucks, you should use an apples-to-apples comparison where you’re looking at ones within the same category to accurately see how much performance difference there is. Aerodynamics Is Key It turns out that drag created by inefficient aerodynamics creates a significant fuel cost. It has been estimated that fuel consumption from drag could be reduced by billions of gallons a year using changes in design. The higher the speed, the greater the drag produced up to the point where about 65% of the fuel used at highway speeds is wasted on drag. When the tractor is standing, air pressure is even all around the…

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