Facts To Consider When Purchasing Heavy Equipment Insurance

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Contractors work hard, and so the insurance they have on their heavy equipment should also work hard when it needs to. Your business uses heavy machinery like excavators, front loaders, lift trucks and bulldozers, and like any other machinery, breakdowns happen. The last thing you want is your operations stalled because of equipment woes. After all, a big chunk of your assets are in the equipment, so protecting it from damage or loss is more than likely a high priority for you. Make sure construction equipment insurance will: Ensure any damage caused by your equipment while in operation is also insured and that you’ll be insured if the equipment has to be driven on roads; Provide you with no hassle claims processing; Allow you to add additional coverage as needed; and Cover equipment against fire, spontaneous combustion, explosion, lightning strikes, theft, fraud and misappropriation. You will also want to look…

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