26 Handy Tips to Clean, Organize and Maintain Your Horse Tra...

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Everyone who works with horses knows the feeling of dismay when you look into a horse trailer. There are often dirty compartments, messy tack rooms, filthy floors, and general maintenance issues. Many people ignore the issues and just think, “I’ll deal with it later.” But your investment will be better protected if you keep your trailer clean, especially if you’re paying off truck loans. A clean trailer will also be better for the comfort of your horses, along with your general peace of mind. To keep the mess in the trailer from becoming overwhelming, use these trailer cleaning tips to help you break your trailer maintenance down into bite-sized pieces. Clean the floor after a show Take the mats out of the trailer and wash the whole of the area the horses were in. Use pressure-washing technology on the floor and spread baking soda across it before you put the…

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