Tips For Truck Fleet Management

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While truck fleet management is becoming an increasingly large industry, management solutions are equally increasing in number, due to advancements made in today’s technology. In fact, it has been shown that even minimal management changes can lead to significant profit increases. Invest in Fleet Management Software This will monitor expenditure, identifying potential areas where potential money could be saved, which is critical. In addition, it will digitally keep track of all relevant data, which will increase efficiency in the end. Go Electronic with ELDs and DVIRs Electronic ELDs will help drivers stay on top of their paperwork by automatically collecting data, maximizing driver productivity and lowering administrative costs. It will make roadside inspections more efficient. Electronic DVIRs, via a smartphone offer the ability to take photo or video evidence, as well as giving the option to automatically schedule repairs or order new parts, all of which increase efficiency. Ensure Vehicles…

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