The Importance of Commercial Truck Financing

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If you own a small business, then transportation may play an integral role in the health of your business. For instance, you may need to transport certain materials across the border or may need to make deliveries that require a reliable semi-truck. Regardless of the reason, there are many advantages to obtaining commercial truck financing.

The Importance of Commercial Truck Financing

Similar to obtaining a car loan, a truck loan will also require that you put a certain amount of money on the line, albeit the amount will be significantly more in many cases. Here, we will discuss the importance of commercial truck financing and how it can help your business grow.

What is it?

An entrepreneur who uses their commercial truck as a form of collateral to qualify for a loan is involving themselves in commercial truck financing. It may also be possible for you to obtain financing for more than one truck in some cases, and some business owners may need to provide a personal financial statement or a personal guarantee to qualify for commercial truck financing, especially if they are a startup business.

Loans vs Leases

If you need truck financing, then loans and leases are two options that may be made available to you. Certain truck companies also offer several different financing options to you, or you can opt for a specialized lending company that deals solely with commercial truck financing or even go with a conventional bank if you would prefer.

The majority of leasing options will allow you to buy the vehicle for residual value after the lease term has ended. However, a loan works slightly differently, as you will automatically be given full ownership of the truck after the term has ended. Also, please note that leases have interest rates that are embedded, which may increase the total price of the lease but may also charge lower monthly interest rates when compared to a conventional loan.

In terms of which option to go with, the total amount that you will end up paying will not differ significantly between leasing and loans. However, if you have poor or subpar credit, and you are not willing or able to make a sizeable down payment, then leasing may be your best option. That is, you may be asked to put down as much as 25% to obtain a truck loan, while you may be asked only to put down 10% to obtain a lease. Other reasons to go with a lease over a loan is if you only need one truck or if you are new to the world of commercial trucking.

How to Qualify for a Commercial Truck Loan

If you want to qualify for a commercial truck loan, then having a good credit score will significantly help your chances. Generally speaking, a credit score of 600 or more will suffice to obtain a truck loan, albeit you may be able to qualify with a lower score if you find someone when a stalwart credit score to co-sign the loan.

New business owners with an unproven track record of success may also struggle to get a truck loan, and you may also have trouble qualifying if you are a sole proprietor instead of a limited liability company or a corporate entity. In addition, in terms of what type of truck you should finance, we would recommend that you try and finance a truck that has 400,000 to 500,000 miles under its belt or a brand new truck.

Advantages of Commercial Truck Financing

If you are a startup, then you are probably already aware of how important preserving working capital is to sustain your enterprise. Commercial truck financing may allow you to preserve working capital. In other words, by making monthly payments towards your lease or a loan, you will be able to pay for the truck that you need without having to take a significant amount out of your company’s cash reserves.

Another benefit of commercial truck financing is that the truck loan terms will match the viable life of the vehicle. Most lenders will issue a loan that is equivalent to the amount of time that you expect to utilize the vehicle, which will ensure that the payments you make on the truck will not exceed the viable life of the truck.

How to Shop for Commercial Truck Financing

If you want to obtain commercial truck financing, then one option is to go with traditional banks. It should be noted that while conventional banks will, generally speaking, offer the best terms and rates, the process required to obtain said financing can be very tedious and complicated. As for lenders who specialize in online financing, the application process tends to be far more user-friendly, and the approval rates also tend to be higher when compared to most banks.

If you do decide to go with an online lender, then you should perform the necessary due diligence to ensure that they are a reputable company with a proven track record of success. One way to do so is to ask your trusted colleagues or friends to recommend a company.

Checking reviews online may also help you make up your mind, and do not forget to go over the loan agreement yourself before determining if it is the right option for your unique financial and personal needs. For instance, some red flags to look out for when dealing with an online lender are double sales tax, no early payoff, and cash upfront.

To learn more about commercial truck financing, call Truck Loan Centre at 1-866-230-0094 or contact us here.


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