Recommended Practices for Leasing a Crane

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If you are in need of a durable, reliable, and efficient crane so that your new construction project will be successfully completed without a hitch, then we can help. Leasing a crane is something that should involve the appropriate amount of due diligence to ensure that you obtain a deal that is right for you. You will also likely want to save as much money as possible so that you do not go over your allotted budget.

Recommended Practices for Leasing a Crane

Here, we will provide you with some handy tips for leasing a crane that will help you get the best deal possible for your hard earned money.

Try and Get a Comprehensive Deal if You Can

In the vast majority of cases, you will be required to have a fully licensed and certified crane operator sit in the control box if you are planning on leasing an overhead crane. Now, in some cases, you may have a licensed and certified crane operator on-staff, but in the event that you don’t, you will need to pay an outside contractor to fill the need.

Doing so will also subject you to their going daily rate, which can fluctuate greatly depending on the type of crane, company, season, demand, and more. To avoid escalating costs, we would highly recommend that you go with a company that also provides a certified and licensed crane operator with the crane.

Hence, we would suggest that you look for a crane lease with a package deal that allows you to lease a crane as well as an operator for a single price. More often than not, the price that you will end up paying for such a “2-for-1” package will be drastically lower than what you would end up paying if you were to hire an operator and lease a crane separately.

Know Before You Lift

Before you sign a crane lease, you should also be fully aware of what items you will actually be lifting. Thus, you should take the time to obtain all of the pertinent data regarding the weight of the items as well as their dimensions. Once you have obtained all of the required information, you can then determine if the crane that you are thinking of leasing will actually be able to handle all of your logistical and load requirements.

For instance, if you were to lease a crane that is too big, then you will end up paying for superfluous size and power that you didn’t actually require to finish your project. On the other hand, leasing a crane that is too small will also end up costing you more money and time, as you may need to spend more time operating the crane to complete your tasks or you may need to lease a second crane to finish the project on time.

Or, if the crane is simply not powerful enough to perform the necessary work, then you may have to spend additional money in order to rent a second, bigger crane to perform the required tasks. In the end, time is money, so you want to ensure that your calculations are accurate before you sign your crane lease agreement to avoid pitfalls and added costs down the line.

Prepare the Site Beforehand

It is very important that you make certain that the site is prepared before the crane actually arrives on the premises. In other words, your site should be prepared to not only receive the crane, but also to allow the crane to operate without any hindrances. Remember that you are still on the clock, even if the crane is simply sitting on the site or sitting idly on its trailer.

Hence, you should ensure that your work has progressed to the point where the operability of the crane is an absolute must. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about making payments for gratuitous idle time.

Move Quick

Remember that the meter will commence as soon as the crane leaves the rental building, assuming you are renting by the hour. As such, the last thing you want is for your crane to be sitting in traffic for several hours. To avoid such a pitfall, you should try and pick up the crane very early in the morning, where there will likely be less vehicles to get in your way and cause gridlock.

As an added benefit, you will have ample time to get the crane fixed up and ready to go, so that you or your crew can get to work immediately after the crane has arrived on site. In fact, even if you may need to rent the crane for the entire day, or even for a week, we would still suggest that you move quick and early simply for safety reasons. Why risk getting into an accident, however minor, by renting the crane during rush hour?

We hope that the tips we have provided will help you when it comes time to lease a crane for your projects. It is important to always plan ahead and ask the leasing company relevant questions to ensure that both parties know what they are getting themselves into.

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