Best Tools To Help Maintain Posture While Driving

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It’s hard not to have a sedentary lifestyle when sitting is a large part of many jobs, but unfortunately, long-term sitting takes its toll on our bodies. One side effect of excessive sitting is potentially bad posture. Poor posture may seem relatively minor compared to other parts of your health that you should be looking out for, like having a balanced diet and getting enough exercise. The good thing about correcting your posture is that it’s an easy habit to form and takes almost no time to start practicing, so why not try and be as healthy as you can in all ways possible.

Tools To Maintain Posture While Driving

Signs of Bad Posture
Aches and pains in your back and neck that aren’t caused by injury can be indicators that you’re sitting poorly. In addition, incorrect posture can lead to weight being distributed incorrectly over pressure points, affecting blood flow to your lower extremities leaving them feeling cold, numb, or like pins and needles.

Habits and Equipment to Reduce Repetitive Driving Injury
Having good posture while sitting in the cab of your truck isn’t just about knowing how to sit. In fact, improper seating arrangements can make good posture impossible. The ergonomics of sitting in a chair is different from driving a car because your arms are extended to control the large steering wheel. Because of differences in body height and weight, the ideal solution should be customized to suit your needs, and the best way of achieving this is through trial and error. Your body is a reliable indicator so every time you adjust your seat, take note of how you feel after driving in that position for at least an hour. If any part of your body feels strained, try making some adjustments. Your seat should be movable in the following ways:

  • Along a track putting you closer or further from the wheel
  • Adjusting the seat angle to make it more acute or obtuse
  • Headrest should be able to move up or down
  • The distance from the floor should be adjustable

When your truck doesn’t come with a suitable seat cushion, consider consulting your physician about pillows for lumbar support.

As you make adjustments, be sure to keep in mind that all your equipment and controls should be easily within reach, as safety comes first. If you can’t effectively and safely operate your vehicle, there’s no sense in thinking about the optimal sitting position.


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