Five Safety Tips for Hauling Heavy Loads

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When it comes to hauling heavy loads, there’s little room for mistakes. This is an extremely dangerous job that takes the right driver and the right safety measures. One small slip-up could cause you to lose your license or even worse, cause a fatality.

Safety Tips For Heavy Loads

Before you set off on the open road to transport your goods, here are five safety tips for hauling heavy loads.

  1. Know the rules
  2. Familiarize yourself with the regulatory requirements in each province or state you will travel through. Regulations may vary geographically, and you don’t want to incur any unnecessary tickets or brushes with authority by breaking any rules for hauling heavy loads.

    Some places might require you to have escorts, so do your homework before you head out.

    If you’ve never taken a particular route before, ask someone who has, or map your journey out online. This will prevent any surprises along the way.

  3. Figure out what you need
  4. Will you need to use tiedowns to secure your load? Do you need chocks or wedges to keep everything in place? Your cargo must be secure to ensure that it doesn’t move while in transit.

    Find out what you need to lock your heavy load down and don’t skimp on the details. Moving cargo that isn’t secured will probably lead to damaged cargo.

  5. Look again
  6. Check to make sure everything is in place before you leave. If possible get a second set of eyes on your cargo to ensure that everything in your load is held down before you go.

    Furthermore, you may not be the one receiving the load when it arrives at its destination, but just in case, make sure you can unload it as well.

  7. Don’t forget to blink
  8. Use your blinkers or four-ways if you’re transporting a heavy load.

    Most people only make use of their blinkers when they’re hauling a hazardous load, but it’s better to warn motorists that what you’re carrying is heavy and that they should keep their distance just in case.

  9. Never speed
  10. While hauling a heavy load it’s imperative that you drive the speed limit. You may take a hard curve or hit a patch of black ice causing irreparable damage to your load, your vehicle and more importantly, yourself.

    You can even drive below the speed limit when hauling a heavy load if you feel more comfortable. That’s another reason to use your blinkers.

Safety in hauling heavy loads isn’t just for drivers doing it for the first time. Heavy load safety should be practiced each and every time you’re hauling. Review these tips often to remind yourself while you’re on the road!


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  • I like your advice about making sure safety is a top priority when hauling heavy loads. I think safety should be every drivers number one concern. Sometimes I see truck drivers driving with their cell phones. I just hope that all drivers will drive safe and reach their destinations without any problems.

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