Tips for Making Smooth Cross Border Hauls

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For trucking companies working across the United States and Canada, crossing the border can pose a range of logistical difficulties.

Cross Border Hauls

In an economic environment where time to delivery is important, hold ups related to documentation and security issues can become a significant drain on resources. These challenges must be overcome for companies to complete cross-border operations profitably.

How can you smoothen your cross border hauls?

1. Always have a Point Person in the Office

Truckers should always have access to an outside point person when completing hauling operations across the border. This person can be there when a border enforcement agent is asking questions that are not easily understood.

They can also help answer any queries that might arise when the trucker is driving toward or away from the border. The point person should be informed on the details of the shipment in the truck and should be prepared to answer any questions the customs agent might ask regarding their operations, including the truck’s destination, its contents and the company history.

2. Reduce Travel during Busy Border Crossing Periods

The US/Canada border is usually exceptionally busy around national holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For businesses that rely on shipping goods quickly and effectively across the border, these busy periods can cause significant delays.

To help maintain customers and ensure business is streamlined during holiday periods, hauling companies should plan their transportation processes strategically. Consider overnight border crossings during exceptionally busy periods and analyze the costs of any potential delays carefully before sending a truck on the road.

3. Continually Review the Latest Guidelines

The border crossing regulations concerning the US/Canada border continue to change based on new governmental regulations and enhancements to the countries’ security apparatus. It’s important that all operations managers within the haulage company have a comprehensive understanding on the latest regulations regarding cross border travel.

Does your driver require updated information based on new regulations? Are there any new security systems being implemented at the border? Answering these questions will help ensure that any potential issues can be mitigated proactively before they impact company operations.

Effective cross border hauling can allow companies to service customers in the U.S. and Canada with equal efficiency. Review the guidelines highlighted in this article to further hone your company’s trucking operations. Research the latest information can help protect your firm’s bottom line.


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