All You Need To Know About Dry Van Trailers

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If you desire to move an item through state lines, or within your region, as long as there is a distance to be covered, a reliable transportation tool is necessary. Daily business requirements require transportation of products to destination markets to satisfy demand. No matter your need, a transportation mechanism, appropriate for your cargo would be a necessity. Dry van trucks are one of the highest desired delivery trucks in the market. These trucks are sensitive to temperature fluctuations and are more reliable when transporting perishables. Due to its versatility, it is a popular choice among commercial entities.

All You Need To Know About Dry Van Trailers

Why Dry Van Shipping?

Since it is enclosed, it is considered as one of the safest shipping methods among other alternatives. The Following are common features of dry van shipping:

  • Weather Protection: Rainfall and extreme temperatures can extremely harm your shipment mostly if you are moving perishable items. If you want to save your company massive restocking expenses, then dry shipping is the best; it ensures your cargo is sealed in an environmentally safe compartment.

  • Refrigeration: This is an optional feature but if you are transporting items that require a constant cold temperature to maintain their freshness, then it would be highly beneficial.

  • Measurements and capacity: Dry vans possess the capacity to hold up to 45000 pounds.
    Should you lease or buy? Those that require occasional logistical services, dry van trailer rentals would be better. For those who are interested in dry van trailer rentals, understanding the different leasing options available is very important. These are:

  • An operating lease: Allows the users access to dry vans but with no possibility of ownership at the end of lease period. This is for those people that rarely transport items or possess few shipments annually.

  • Lease to Own: The party leasing the dry van has an option of owning the asset after the leasing period is complete. The price is prearranged with access to awesome flexibility.

  • Conditional Sales Agreement: This is a situation whereby a buyer has the right to utilize the dry van trailer but doesn’t have legal ownership rights. If they manage to pay the full agreement price of the trailer, then they are eligible to full ownership.

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