Things to Consider Before Buying a Bulldozer

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Construction equipment tends to be very expensive, and quite heavy as well. Given the substantial investment involved, you will need to consider many factors before deciding if it is worth it.

What to consider before buying a bulldozer?

In regards to bulldozers, most people end up considering only one factor before deciding on which one to buy: price. However, there are many other factors that you should think about as well, as we shall see in this article.

Assessing the Undercarriage

The environment and terrain where you are planning on using the apparatus matters, so we strongly recommend that you inspect your bulldozer’s undercarriage before moving on to other matters. Moreover, bulldozer undercarriages are usually separated into “heavy-duty” and “standard” categories.

To illustrate, if you require a bulldozer for construction, landscaping, and other related projects, then a standard undercarriage should be more than sufficient to carry the workload. However, if you opt for a standard undercarriage, its oil-seals will need to be augmented.

Otherwise, the seals will start to lose their durability and will eventually give way. As for heavy-duty undercarriages, they boast incredible strength, thanks to enhanced steel plating and other enhancements. As such, if you plan to work on rocky or rough terrain, you will need a heavy-duty undercarriage.

Attachments and Hydraulics

Another factor to consider is the condition of the hydraulics of the unit, as well as its associated attachments. That is, the controls should be easy to manage and operate, and the hydraulics and attachments must function correctly and smoothly to avoid accidents in the future.

Response times should also be checked, as the bulldozer must respond quickly to avoid obstacles and people. Thus, the attachments and hydraulics must be fast enough to respond to threats or other issues while in motion.

Also, please do not forget to test the blades and rippers to ensure they are in optimal working order. The tracks should be in the ideal position. While you may need to replace the tracks, which can be costly, the investment is worth considering all of the possible accidents (and lawsuits) that may develop from track-related issues.

Spare Parts Matter

Maintenance and repair costs are inevitable issues. As a result, you will need to have quick and easy access to spare parts so that your bulldozer will be in working order and keep it running so that you can complete projects.

Therefore, the bulldozer that you wish to lease or purchase should require spare parts that are easy to come by when the time comes for routine maintenance or repair work. For instance, the dealer that you wish to deal with should have all of the spare parts, or the essential parts at the bare minimum, for your bulldozer.

Some dealers will go above and beyond the call of duty and handle all the maintenance, warranties, and support. So, partnering with such a dealer is the ideal choice.

Thus, connecting with the right dealer is of paramount importance. You will want to partner with a bonded, licensed, and trustworthy company with a proven track record of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective service.

Size Also Matters

Every business is different, so your bulldozer size will depend on the type of projects you typically work on. For example, smaller bulldozers weigh less, so they are easier to transport. However, they may not be big or powerful enough for large or labour-intensive projects.

The terrain that you work on will also determine the size of the unit, as large bulldozers, while more powerful, cannot be used on terrain that is delicate and soft. Conversely, smaller bulldozers cannot be used on rough terrain, as such ground requires a bulldozer that is both harder and larger in size.

Mileage is Key

If you are in the market for a used device, then you will need to look into the number of hours on the machine. To do so, check the number of hours left on the unit’s clock before deciding if it is the right option. For example, if the bulldozer has roughly 5,500 hours left, it can still be used for quite some time.

Such a device will only be useful if the undercarriage and the engine have already been replaced. In sum, buying a used bulldozer may be a superb choice if the device has been well maintained over the years.

However, some dealers have been known for being underhanded and may alter the clock on some of their older units to dupe clients. As such, ensure that you are dealing with a reputable and trustworthy provider beforehand.

Safety First

Safety is perhaps the most important thing to consider before deciding on which bulldozer to buy. For example, if you decide to buy a brand-new unit, then you will need to ensure that its attachments adhere to all of the latest safety standards beforehand.

Moreover, if you have never operated such a model before, you will also require safety and operational guidelines to avoid possible accidents in the future. As for used bulldozers, you will need to check to ensure that there are no off-book modifications to worry about. This is because such modifications may jeopardize the bulldozer’s safety properties and may compromise its usability as well.

Finally, the bulldozer’s safety features must be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it has not been compromised or damaged in any way, shape, or form. It also wouldn’t hurt to ask the previous owners about the specific manner in which they used the bulldozer.

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