What You Should Know About Flatbed Trailer Rentals

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In the modern-day manufacturing and business processes where transporting heavy cargo is frequent, both demand and supply of heavy duty trailers have gone high. Hiring trucks is always a cheaper alternative to buying them.

What You Should Know About Flatbed Trailer Rentals

Most companies looking to hire trucks for transportation services prefer flatbed trailers, as they have ample space for cargo compared to other types of trailers. Such trailers are also more flexible and more effective for transporting cargos unusual size and shape that won’t fit in conventional enclosed trailers.

The process of renting such a trailer can seem daunting if you do not know how to go about it. Irrespective of your demands, you should go for the best option that suits your budget and preferences. Here are some things you should know when hiring flatbed trailers.

Know What You Need

The first thing you should do when hiring a flatbed trailer is to outline your transportation needs, the distance, and the number of days that you would want to hire a trailer. These will help you understand the size and specifications of the flatbed you need.

If you wish to carry some heavy construction equipment, it would be best to go for a full-length flatbed with a hardened and corrugated flatbed, to ensure that the hauling process goes well. Knowing your needs will also ensure that minimize the cost of hiring. There are different sizes of flatbeds that vary in length and loading capacity and are priced accordingly.

Use the Internet to Find the Best Option

Doing an internet search or researching the local flatbed trailer rental companies gives you an opportunity to compare the options at your disposal. When comparing rental options, always check every specification, including how much it costs to hire the truck per unit of time and any other charges.

Some companies offer cheaper one-day rentals while others offer deals if the rental period surpasses a given number of days. Some companies also offer incentives such as discounts for booking a trailer in advance or through the internet. Knowing these offers means you can take advantage of them to reduce your costs.

Seek Consultations

After you come up with several possible companies that you could work with, it is always best to ask for some clarification, as you explain any special provisions that you may want. For instance, if you are seeking to hire the truck once every week for the next 2 years, you could pitch that as leverage to ask for a big discount.

During the consultation, you can seek clarification on any other special provisions for the rental, such as whether the company caters for fuel costs. This ensures that you do not make any assumptions that turn out to be costly.

Examine the Final Rental Contract

Before making any payments for the rental, you should double-check the contract. Examine every detail for clauses which may take advantage of you. For instance, look out for clauses that specify fines for cancellation of the contract before the use. Also, evaluate other areas that outline damages to the truck and how such a case would be handled. It’s also important to evaluate the actual truck for any damages before driving away. Any mechanical damages should be reported to the management before the truck leaves their premises. This will ensure that you are not held responsible for damages that you didn’t cause.

Choose the Newest Flatbed Trucks

As new trucking technology is developed and incorporated in trucks and trailers, it makes the efficiency of the trailers much better. For instance, changes could improve fuel efficiency, mechanical strength, carrying capacity, speed, and durability, among others.

Hiring the best truck gives you an advantage as you save on costs. Using old flatbed trucks puts you at risk of a mechanical breakdown, delaying your business and increasing losses and the prospect of being overcharged.

Secure Insurance

Flatbed trailer rental can be a risky business, both for the company and for you. One of the main risks is the theft of the trucks themselves, or damage that may occur during the rental. In most cases, companies specify that it is your responsibility to cater for any repair costs incurred during the rental period. To cushion yourself from the costs allied to making the repairs where necessary, it is your responsibility to make provisions to either avert losses of damages or secure insurance for the truck and the trailer while you’re using it.

Renting flatbed trucks is a great option over buying. However, to ensure you get the best deal, you should exercise due diligence and follow the above-outlined tips. Make sure that you understand the market rates so that you do not get ripped off by rogue flatbed rental companies. At Truck Load Center, we take it upon ourselves to acquire the best trucks in the market for your needs. For more information, please call Truck Load Center at +1-866-230-0094 or contact us here.


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