4 Important Hurdles to Consider when Moving Heavy Equipment

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Heavy construction equipment is part of the day-to-day operations in most heavy-duty manufacturing factories and companies. Whether it is a company seeking to expand its manufacturing processes by adding more construction equipment, or just an abnormal cargo, sometimes heavy equipment needs to be transported from one point to another.

Important Hurdles To Consider When Moving Heavy Equipment

Transportation of such heavy equipment needs meticulous planning to avert disaster. The safe delivery of the equipment to the destination depends on many factors. Here are some things to consider when moving heavy equipment.

Evaluate the Specs of the Equipment

The first hurdle you have to go through is evaluating the specifications of the move. These will be the distance that needs to be covered, the timeline on which the equipment needs to be transported, and the personnel who need to be involved in the process.

More importantly, you have to evaluate the equipment being transported. This evaluation should feature the equipment’s dimensions, weight, and material. These dimensions are critical in determining the appropriate means of transportation, and the appropriate itinerary to be used during the move.

The technical specifications also help determine the appropriate classification of the cargo, whether it is oversized or not. The size of the cargo affects various elements of the transportation process, including what route is taken, as well as if a special license from the authorities is needed to permit the haulage. It would also determine the type of transportation company you should hire for the job. Some companies specialize in transportation services for oversized cargo.

Choose the Right Shipping Company

Once you know the cargo’s technical specifications, the next hurdle is to select the appropriate shipping company to be contracted. This will also help you decide whether to look for loans to buy your own haulage truck or hire one. The cargo’s specifications will determine the suitable means of transport. For instance, air transport has a limitation on the net weight and size of cargo that can be shipped.

The selection process may be rigorous. Some factors to consider in the process include the shipping costs and the delivery schedule. When securing a transportation company, it is also important to secure a meeting with their representatives to discuss the process and discuss how the process can be carried out effectively and with minimal obstacles.

Securing and Transporting the Equipment

One of the most important parts of the transportation process is the actual transportation of the equipment. Before transportation, you should secure the equipment on the transport. This can be a major hurdle, and appropriate care should be taken to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during the lifting and securing process.

If the equipment is oversized and requires dismantling, care should be taken to ensure that all parts are dismantled per the specifications of the equipment’s manual. Securing the equipment on the transportation truck should be done per the manual to ensure that all ends are appropriately tightened. On the other hand, before starting the moving process, the tightening works should be evaluated and double-checked for errors.

During the moving process, appropriate legal procedures should be followed. For instance, the truck should be escorted by appropriate escort cars both at the front and the rear to clear traffic from coming near the oversized equipment. If the cargo is oversized and protruding beyond the normal width and length, then cautionary labels should be used to warn other road users of the oversized or abnormal cargo. On the other hand, if the cargo is so huge that it requires a road width that surpasses the normal lane of a road, with permission from the relevant authorities, the road should be closed from other road users.

Setting the Equipment Up

After the transportation process, the equipment needs to be set up in the new location. The first step is to come up with a plan outlining where the equipment will be set. The next step is to unload the cargo before setting it up.

During the setup process, care should be taken to ensure that every part is safety secured according to the specifications in the manual. Failure to secure a part could lead to a failure when the equipment is in use.

Whenever transporting any piece of heavy equipment, appropriate measures should be taken and followed carefully. The success of the relocation of your equipment will be determined by the comprehensiveness of the hurdle-evaluation process. Evaluation of the demands of the equipment will determine the logistics involved, and whether you need to secure a loan for a light or heavy transport truck to handle your cargo.

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