Clearing Snow With A Heavy-Duty Excavator

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If you’ve been asked to clear an area of vast amounts of snow, you’ll want to be using a heavy-duty excavator for the job.

Heavy-Duty Excavator

Heavy excavators usually have snow removal attachments, which make moving especially wet snow much quicker.

Excavators, also called “diggers,” come in many sizes. Here are popular types for removing mounds of snow:

Backhoe loaders

The torque of these machines makes them the perfect choice for easily handling heavy, wet snow. Attachments utilized by backhoe loaders include sweepers, blowers and snow pushers. They can easily lift the heaviest snow into large stockpiles, which make them forerunners for snow removal. Front auxiliary hydraulics are an important feature on these machines, along with a well-lighted, heated cab. Since these backhoes usually go from one area to the other, it’s important that they also have controls to give a smooth ride and especially to control loader arm movement.

Wheel loaders

These machines have great visibility and power and so are also terrific for snow removal. They have a higher vantage point complete with floor-to-ceiling windows. They have the same attachments as their backhoe loader cousins. Much snow removal happens at night during blizzard conditions, so it’s vital for the operator to have a clear view. Optional rearview cameras and added lights in wheel loaders will provide safer conditions for the operator.

Skid steers

Enclosed cabs and heated air-ride seats make skid steers high on the list of snow removal machinery. They too come with a number of attachments, including low-profile buckets and high-flow blowers. If you live in an area that usually gets hit with much snow, you would do well to invest in a radial lift skid steer. They’re better at working near the ground and below grade.

Things to remember

Maintaining a heavy-duty excavator is extremely important. You will want to have it ready to tackle those harsh winter conditions. Follow the manufacturer’s manual for maintenance suggestions. And always remember to make sure the battery is in proper working order. Clean the terminals and check electrolyte levels.

The underside should be kept snow- and ice-free. Check for debris and mud buildup as well. Tires should be inflated and regularly inspected. Doing these things will ensure the machine’s longevity and keep it running well when it’s needed.

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