What Kind of Driving Music is Best?

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After you have been approved for your truck loan, it would certainly be nice to have the best road trip songs ready on your next excursion. The automotive and music industries have shared a deep bond throughout the years. Trucks are all about mobility, power, and sometimes even muscle, while music is about capturing the love and the thrill of owning a four-wheeled vehicle.

What Kind Of Driving Music Is Best?

If you are looking for truck driving tips that involve what music to play on your journey, here are five of the best tracks you may want to listen to.

Cars by Gary Numan

Although this song was released before the 80s, it became a new wave staple even after several years. Tambourine breakdowns and analog synthesizers, along with the singer’s almost-emotionless delivery, have turned it into a real classic.

LA Woman by The Doors

LA Woman ventures into death, love, and of course, travel – both literally and symbolically. The song talks about pulling off the freeway into the City of the Night. Many truckers love this song and even consider it as one of the best driving music ever recorded.

Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen

If you have ever listened to Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA, Born to Run is quite similar to it with its dark theme. Its lyrics are poetic with a combination of determination, rebellion, and even disgust. It is a love song and is one of the greatest anthems for an escape into the wild.

Roll on 18-Wheeler by Alabama

Released way back in the early 80s, this song is lively and is a lot of fun to listen to, which will really get you in the mood of truck-driving. It is about a dad driving a truck to provide for his family and talks about an intimate moment when the driver has to leave for work.

Movin’ On by Merle Haggard

This song was initially for a 70s TV show with the same title, which was about two truckers who traveled the country and enjoyed different adventures on the way.

These five songs are just some of the top tracks you will love as you proudly drive after getting approved of your truck loans. You probably want to belt out a power ballad while you are on the road. After all, a road trip is not exciting without a dynamic playlist playing in the background.

What is “Driving Music?”

There are numerous musical genres out there, and dozens are for various demographics of truckers and drivers. Therefore, it is difficult to point to just one specific style that serves as the favourite of the nation. While driving music varies depending on the taste of the driver, most truckers like alternative rock, which has always been a popular option.

Classic bands such as Oasis, Muse, and Canada’s very own rock stars, including Bryan Adams, Joni Mitchell, and Neil Young are favourites as well. Classic rock, mainly songs by the band Journey, are quite popular as well.

A lot of truckers love the rock genre and its sub-genres because it is favourable to them, especially with the fast tempo that helps drivers stay alert when behind the wheel. Additionally, most people are quite familiar with rock songs, such as Mr. Brightside and Don’t Stop Believing. Singing in the car is a popular activity and drivers will surely admit that wailing the lyrics to their favourite tunes is one of their guilty pleasures.

Picking the Songs for Your Playlist

The truck driving tips here will also help you choose the tracks to add to your playlist. There are some factors to consider, and it is not just about your preferences. First, your mood will affect the kind of music that you want to listen to.

Technology these days allows you to bring a virtual music library with you, which entails a collection of songs that you can access right at your fingertips.

Aside from your mood, the song intro is also essential because it should sound great right away. It is something that most drivers want, especially songs that get to a great moment. If you are in a gloomy mood, the music should immediately give you an introspective feel to it, while an up-tempo beat is best when you are in a happy mood.

When choosing the track to play, there are no rules to follow mainly because most truck drivers are alone during the entire journey. It will all depend on the genre you like, along with the song’s message and your mood at that time.

Speaking of genre, it is a tricky subject. If you take a look at your friend’s driving playlist, you will see that there are different genres in it. You may agree with some, and you may think the others are not a good choice. Music genres are all about your preference and which type of music you appreciate the most.

If you do not have a particular genre you like the most, your choice will usually depend on your current mood – again. In general terms, if you go for pop, you will hear upbeat tunes, while rock will give you loud and brash sounds. Jazz is for easy listening, and if you are searching for something groovy, you may actually enjoy R&B songs.

When you build your playlist, you can begin with your ultimate musical persuasion. Start by checking out the artists in that genre, along with their music. Try to explore the sub-genres that go along with it to see how far your preferences go.

Music Can Affect Your Driving Performance

Truckers usually have to stay up all night while they drive and it helps that the music can keep them alert while behind the wheel. The volume and tempo of the music can boost your driving performance. Of course, it does not mean you should gear away from love songs or slow tempo music. You can still listen to them but try to avoid them when you are driving in the middle of the night. Instead, opt for songs with loud volumes, fast tempos, and crazy lyrics to somehow help heighten your senses.

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