The Best Safety Gear For Truckers

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Now that you have successfully secured your commercial truck loan, it’s time to take into consideration one of the most important aspects of commercial trucking: safety. Your safety on the road is key, especially since you will be on your own most of the time, and sometimes far from help if and when disaster strikes. Whether you are a freelancer, or work for a big company, making sure that you are protected from some of the potential hazards of the job is paramount. Below are some of the best safety gear you can invest in as a trucker.

The Best Safety Gear When Trucking

Work gloves and boots

While this seems like a small gesture, the first thing that you should do after securing your commercial truck loan is to go out and purchase yourself a good pair of work gloves and boots. This is because, as a truck driver, you will often be tasked not only with driving your cargo from A to B, but loading and unloading it as well. You might even have to do this in the rain, or when it is icy outside. Having a good pair of gloves and boots that allow you to keep your hands and feet warm, as well as maintain your grip when loading and unloading potentially dangerous cargo will go a long way to keeping you safe, and protected on the job.

A GPS System

You need a GPS system not only to find your destination, but you also need one in the event that you become lost in a remote location and need to find your way out. You will often need to take indirect routes and roads to get places as a trucker, because you are not allowed to travel the main highways in certain areas, which can get you lost, especially when you first start out. Being able to get out of the middle of nowhere is vital.

Roadside assistance gear

Another must-have item to get immediately after you have secured that commercial truck loan is the requisite roadside assistance gear. If your truck is ever in need of emergency roadside assistance, you need to be able to alert your fellow drivers on the road to your problem. Cones, flashers, and road flares are a must if you are a commercial truck driver in order to alert other drivers to your plight and get them to slow down for you. Many people see trucks on the side of the road all the time and assume that it is just business as usual. They may think the exact same thing about you and your truck as they pass you when you are really in need of urgent help.

Being a commercial truck driver puts you in a vulnerable position because it is a job that you do on your own. Don’t compromise on safety, make sure that you always travel with the above safety gear and give your family, friends and yourself the peace of mind that you are well looked after.


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