4 Tips For Operating A Skid Steer

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With many Canadians now taking on construction work around their properties, some are finding that simple shovels and wheelbarrows are too small for the task at hand. The skid steer is the ideal tool for this type of challenging property work, but many find the vehicle difficult to operate safely. Allow our experts to guide the skid steer operating process, as we present four tips for seamless skid steer operation in this latest post.

A Guide To Skid Steer Operation

  1. Make Long Wide Turns
  2. A common problem skid steer operators face is trying to turn the vehicle to work on another area of the property. Damage can occur when one tire turns at a different speed than those on the other side of the vehicle. When the operator begins the turning process abruptly, it can cause vehicle skidding, which will tear up the ground surface. By simply making long, wide turns, the operator can ensure a smoother operating experience. It’s also important to work primarily on dry grass, as wet ground can lead to skidding issues.

  3. Fill The Bucket Before Tipping
  4. When filling the skid steer, it’s critical to ensure the bucket is full before tipping it back. If the bucket isn’t pushed directly into the ground and filled before the operator tries to tip it, the bucket will act like a plow and simply go deeper into the ground. Users might find that wiggling the bucket up and down can be a simple way to ensure the area is completely full.

  5. Keep The Bucket Low When Moving
  6. When travelling with the skid steer, operators should try to keep the bucket low to the ground to prevent tipping. It’s also important to ensure the heavy side of the vehicle is facing uphill when working on a slope, and to never try to navigate hills sideways, as this can throw the entire vehicle off-balance and cause an accident.

  7. Tap The Control To Keep Bucket Clean
  8. It’s important to keep the bucket clean and ensure there’s enough space for a full load during each lift. Tap the controls when a load is dumped to remove all dirt remnants from the bucket. This can help to minimize inefficient use of the skid steer and reduce the amount of time it takes to complete working projects.

Our trusted team is available today to help you get full value from your skid steer! To learn more on the vehicle and how to use it effectively, contact us today!


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