Can You Drive A Sprinter Van With A Car Licence?

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Oftentimes driving a specialized van such as a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter requires a particular type of licence. For those transporting passengers or equipment using one of these vans in Canada, it’s important to learn more on the local licensing laws and whether any special licensing requirements must be met. Within this latest post, we’ll address van licensing in Canada as we review the question: “Can you drive a Sprinter van in Canada with a car licence?”.

Your Guide To Sprinter Van License Requirements

Licence Requirements Depend On Number Of Passengers And Province

Vehicles designed to be used by 12-15 passengers, such as the Sprinter, are subject to additional driver’s licensing requirements across Canada. In Ontario specifically, drivers have to obtain a special Class F licence if they are carrying 10 or more passengers, or the vehicle they’re driving is designed to carry 10 or more passengers. Across Canada, drivers may also be subject to medical requirements as part of the licensing process.

Commercial Use Also A Consideration

When determining whether a person driving a Sprinter vehicle requires a special driving licence, Transport Canada will also take into consideration the usage for the vehicle. In most cases, if the person is using the vehicle for personal use, they will be exempt from additional licensing requirements. However, it’s the responsibility of the driver and the vehicle owner to determine whether they are abiding by the definition of “personal use” according to Transport Canada regulations.

Questions To Consider When Planning Licensing

The regulations regarding licensing across Canada are quite complex, particularly for commercial drivers and their organizations, and so it’s important to speak directly with a licensing specialist to determine whether the vehicle’s use required additional driver licensing. In speaking with a specialist, ask the following questions to determine the optimal licensing approach:

Are there Any Restrictions On Vehicle Hours?

Across Canada, the provincial governments place specific restrictions on the amount of hours a commercial vehicle can be on the road. It’s important for teams to learn these restrictions and carefully ensure their drivers follow the regulations in place.

What Tests Do I As A Driver Have to Undergo?

Some of the commercial vehicle licences in Canada require the driver to undergo medical testing to ensure they are safe to drive a large capacity vehicle. Checking with a specialist can ensure the driver and their company are abiding by the law.

What Are The Distinctions Between Personal And Commercial Use?

Each province has its own distinction between personal and commercial use for large vehicles. And so, drivers must speak with experts in their local area to identify these distinctions and determine which category applies to their licence.

Our experts are here to help you understand the licensing regulations across Canada. To learn more on your licensing requirements, call us today!


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