How To Exercise While On A Long Haul Drive

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Certain body types are common within the long haul driving community because eating and exercise habits will tend to be similar due to the nature of the work. Our recommendations aren’t going to make you as buff as your favourite action star, but at least the next time you visit the doctor’s office for your yearly medical, you’ll be able to tell your doctor that you’re staying healthy by keeping up the number of hours you exercise.

How To Exercise On A Long Drive

It’s Too Cold, Dark, and Empty Outside!
Walking is an often recommended form of exercise, prized for being low impact, suitable for people of various activity levels, and easily performed without special equipment. It’s not always possible to go out for a quick hike, and there may even be times when it’s a bad idea to leave your vehicle, for example it’s either not safe to leave the cab for you or your truck when parked in certain areas. Although the inside of your truck may not be as spacious as a fully equipped gym, you can still find the room to do exercises for strength training

Crunches focus on your core muscles and don’t require a lot of space to complete. In addition to the basic crunch, there are many variations to the exercise you can do, and the best part is that part of your body can use as much exercise as you can muster. There are full instructions, and just to list a few, the different types of crunches include:

  • Crossover crunches, where you touch your left elbow to your right knee and vice versa for the other side
  • Oblique crunches have a starting position on one side and ends with lifting your torso and legs upwards so that you look like the letter v
  • T-cross over sit-ups are where you touch your fingers to the toes of the opposite foot

If you have room to sleep, you have room to do planks. Planks are great exercises for your core and like crunches and sit-ups, there are many versions of concept that will exercise the different areas of your body.

You can also keep a minimal set of weights for conditioning and strength training to workout specific parts of your body. For weights that easily roll around, consider throwing them in a gym bag or using a miniature weight rack for more permanent storage.


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