Five Ways to Find Great Eats on the Road

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When you’re on the road, deciding where to go for a bite may be challenging. If you’re in a new area you may not know where the best restaurants and diners are which could lead you to eating at the same generic fast food places whenever you stop. Although a burger and fries from the “golden arches” works when you’re in a pinch, there are great eats on the road, you just need to know where to find them. So, how do you discover the best places to eat while you’re driving through North America?

To Find Eat Outs

  1. Check out apps: Before your next trip, download a food finding app to your smartphone. Most of these apps will allow you to enter the city or town you’re in and will recommend places to eat. You can also be specific with food finding apps and ask it to recommend places that are budget-friendly and adhere to any allergies or food ailments you may have such as diabetes or lactose-intolerance.
  2. Read up on the area: If you know your route in advance you’ll have time to read the “best of” guides for the areas in which you’ll be traveling. You don’t have to stop at Zagat rated restaurants but any place that’s included in a “best of” article is definitely worth checking out.
  3. Don’t ignore reviews: When it comes to finding great eats on the road, the reviews matter. Most reviews will rate the service and cleanliness of a restaurant which are two important factors involved with eating out. Slow service and messy surroundings will only make your dining experience worse, no matter how good the food is. If a diner is rated 1.5 out of 5 stars, chances are it’s not worth checking out, even if the food is supposed to be out of this world.
  4. Watch TV: The Food Network and other food-centric stations provides specific programming for road trips. These programs showcase diners and restaurants across North America and can give you a nice glimpse into what’s in store for you if you decide to stop at one of them.
  5. Ask a local: This is probably the best way to find a place to stop and grab a bite when you’re on the road. Who knows the town better than someone who lives there? Most people are friendly and want to help you find good food in their city. When you stop to fuel up or use the washroom, ask the gas station attendant or clerk where they like to eat. Chances are they’ll let you in on the town’s best kept secret and hidden gems that provide the best food that are a little off the beaten path but worth it.

Remember that when you do find a great place to stop and enjoy some well deserved grub, it’s important to eat slowly and enjoy your food. You’ve had a long drive up to this point and probably have more distance to cover so relax and relish every morsel.


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