Saving Money On The Road

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Life can get expensive when you’re on the road, and those costs can drastically cut into your profits and savings. With some planning in advance, you can save hundreds of dollars each time you hit the road for a job.

Saving Money On The Road

Saving a Few Dollars at a Time

Even though you might want to take a bite out of the cost of housing, the easier way to save is through your food budget. Fast food restaurants offer cheap meals, but they still add up given how much time you spend away from home.

Many trucks come with refrigeration in the cabin, but even your vehicle doesn’t come with one, you can easily purchase an electric cooler that will help you preserve your food. While this option won’t be able to give you hot meals every day, you will end up eating better (think fresh fruits and vegetables and foods without preservatives).

The biggest benefit of eating fresh is having good health, and it’s hard to put a price on that. Consider it an investment towards reducing medical costs in the future in addition to reducing your current meal costs.

Free Wi-Fi is Everywhere

Telecommunication costs can really add up, especially if they’re being charged at long distance prices.

Long distance cell and data plans are costly, but Wi-Fi is a free amenity in various restaurants, hotels, and libraries. You can use this free internet access to check emails, read the news, and surf the web. If you have a smartphone or a laptop, you can download applications that will let you make long distance phone calls for free. With this information, remember to bring the right gadgets with you on your next trip and call your cell phone provider and opt for a local cell phone plan.

Have a Budget

A budget will reduce discretionary spending on unnecessary expenses that add up over time. If you stay within budget, you should be able to manage your finances, pay your credit card on time, and have money in the bank when you need it for legitimate expenses. Otherwise, you might have to resort to cash advances and other cost ineffective measures of making it between paycheques. Considering the annual rate of their fees, cash advances should never be used.

If you follow the basic tips above, you’ll already be saving lots of money. For those who want to do more, check for online deals for cheap lodging and cheapest places to refill for fuel.


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