5 Amazing Custom-Painted Truck And Trailers

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Most truckers that you meet and talk to take an immense amount of pride in their trucks and their trailers. These are their homes for a large portion of their professional lives, as well as their means of making a living; and you would be surprised at the amount of creativity, care and originality that commercial truckers put into them. Below are five amazing custom-painted truck and trailer designs.

5 Amazing Custom-Painted Truck And Trailers

Optimus Prime. This Transformers-inspired creation is an exact replica of the franchise’s main protagonist and hero, Optimus Prime. With chrome finishings, and spot-on red and blue colouration this truck and trailer could easily pass for the superhero while cruising down the highways.

The classic blue. If you are thinking about truck and trailer leasing and would like some old school inspiration, one commercial truck driver decided to give his truck the 1950s look. It is a throwback to a simpler time, and the classic, sky blue colours. At first glance, you might think that a great, big skylark, with 18 wheels is cruising down the highway beside you.

The Volkswagen Westfalia. While this truck might not be designed for hauling commercial freight any longer, it is certainly one of the most original truck redesigns you are ever going to see. The body has been completely redone, with much of it removed and reshaped so that it conforms to the traditional, domed Westfalia look.

The convertible. Truck and trailer leasing is not typically for people who plan on modifying their vehicles beyond all recognition, so you might want to just admire this one and not try and create it yourself. This truck cab has been turned into a sleek-looking convertible. The roof has been completely removed, the body lowered and the rims made as large as they could possibly be.

The truck motor home. Truck and trailer leasing is meant to give you options for your rig, including your sleeping arrangements, but one truck owner has taken this to the next level. The Truck recreational vehicle is your standard cab, with an RV back on it that would make your average recreational vehicle owner green with envy. While perhaps not the most practical vehicle you are likely to see, it is certainly a testament to the creativity of the owner.

Truck and trailer leasing doesn’t mean you can’t inject some of your personality and creativity into your new vehicle. Show your pride in what you do, and how you do it by making your truck and trailer a statement on the road that will draw people’s attention, and at the very least get them thinking about just how diverse, and artistic the commercial trucking industry is.


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