Basics For Wiring A Truck For Trailer Lights

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Now that you’ve secured your truck and trailer leasing, you are going to need to figure out how to wire your truck to your trailer lights so that you can get it on the road as fast as possible. This is something that can definitely be done by a professional, but if you are looking to learn a new skill, and find out a bit more about how your truck and trailer work together, below are the basics for wiring a truck for trailer lights.

How To Wire A Truck For Trailer Lights

Locate the wiring harness

A wiring harness is needed to connect trailer lights to any vehicle. It is usually located near the rear door of your truck. It is also sometimes found near the rear tail lights or the vehicle’s hitch. If you are having a hard time locating the wiring harness, consult your owner’s manual and it will tell you exactly where to look.

Connecting the hitch

Once you have located the harness, you are going to need to connect to it. Most harnesses are not designed to be directly connected to the trailer and instead use a connector to do the job. There are numerous ways to do this, but most truck drivers will need to use either a T-One connector or pick up a custom hardware kit especially designed for trucks.

T-One connectors

These are really the easiest way to establish the connection between the truck’s wiring harness and the trailer.

Custom hardware kits

Because a commercial truck is more complicated than your average civilian vehicle, you will often need to invest in a custom hardware kit in order to get the job done. Custom vehicle shops, and even the vehicle’s manufacturer often sell the custom kits needed to make the attachment.

Part of getting the most out of your truck and trailer leasing means ensuring that your vehicle is safe to drive on the road. If other drivers out there can’t tell what direction you are going in because you haven’t properly connected your truck to your trailer lights, not only is it dangerous and illegal, but it is going to mean added downtime for you while your truck is out of commission. This will cost you money, impact your cash flow and keep you from transporting. Make sure that your truck is able to safely be on the road and that you don’t need to spend unnecessary time waiting. Keep the above trailer light connection basics in mind and get out on the open road as fast as possible.


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