7 Ways To Show Respect And Appreciation For Your Truck Drivers

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Truck drivers usually work long, hard hours. Sharing the road with them can be a good experience for everyone if we remember they deserve our respect and admiration.

These 7 Things Will Show You Respect And Admiration For Your Truck Drivers

There are some things we can do to make truckers’ lives easier while they’re on the road and show them that what they do is important to us.

  1. Respect their time. Truck drivers are on deadlines. Time for them is precious and an extended delay may mean they’re spending another night in the cabin of their rig instead of being at home with family. Of course, there may be times when this can’t be controlled, like traffic jams, but time can be saved in areas like unloading and loading of cargo. Just like everyone else – a driver’s time is valuable.
  2. Pay them fairly. Companies paying drivers a fair wage have a higher retention rate. If they know their skills and time are appreciated and well-compensated, they will do the best job possible.
  3. Be honest. Answer questions honestly. When you say a load will be ready at 10 a.m., make sure it is. What’s the cargo like? Who will be paying him/her? If you tell the driver everything you know about the job, he/she will know that you appreciate the job he/she is doing.
  4. Home time is important. Just like everyone, truck drivers value time with family and friends. Take time to learn a driver’s preferences. Does he/she prefer short to long runs? Are long runs preferable with a longer off-time in between? Try to schedule accordingly.
  5. Make sure they can access facilities. Driving a big rig is taxing. When it’s time to unload, make sure the driver can use the facilities and perhaps grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. That is very much appreciated.
  6. Communicate with them. Have a one-on-one relationship with the driver. Let them know it’s okay to ask questions and to voice their opinions.
  7. Resolve problems. If drivers are dissatisfied with something, working to resolve the issue is important to them. Whether it’s a managerial issue or an equipment issue, drivers will appreciate having their issues heard. They will continue to be engaged if they believe they’re being treated fairly.

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