10 Savvy Ways to Save on Gas

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With gas prices constantly on the rise, everyone is looking for ways to save. Most of us know the bare basics to save on gas — not driving aimlessly, not cranking your air conditioning, etc. — but here are ten more savvy ways to save on gas and increase the value of your truck loans.

Savvy Ways To Save On Gas

  1. Buy gift cards for gas at a discount

    Like many other businesses, gas stations sell gift cards. You might be able to find discounted gift cards for different gas stations online. If you pay $40 for a $50 gift card, you’re getting ten dollars worth of gas for free. It’s hard to beat that bargain!

  2. Don’t drive angry

    It’s tempting to drive aggressively and angrily when you’re behind slow drivers, in the middle of heavy traffic, or just plain exhausted. But angry driving has a huge impact on your gas mileage. When you floor your pedal instead of gently accelerating, you’ll consume a great deal more fuel.

    This theory has been tested and proven. Studies show that slow acceleration from a green light, along with gradual stopping at a red light, can cut fuel consumption by more than 35%. The exact amount you save will depend widely on the make and model of your vehicle.

    Similarly, the study showed that cruise control was the best option when driving on the highway. When a driver used cruise control set to 70 mph, the gas mileage was roughly 14% better than that of a driver going between 65 and 75 mph in the same vehicle model.

  3. Schedule your gas pumping breaks carefully

    If you want to save on gas, it’s best to fill up your tank on either Wednesday or early Thursday morning. After 10 a.m. on Thursdays, gas prices will go up because there’s an anticipation of more travel during the weekend. Most stations document their price change at 10 a.m. each day, so if you arrive before then, you should be able to get Wednesday’s prices.

    Unless you’re dealing with an emergency, you shouldn’t buy gas on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Similarly, prices might rise over the holidays due to the increased anticipation of drivers. The demand is highest during these times, so the price rises to match.

  4. Find cheap gas using your smartphone

    There are multiple apps that can help you find the cheapest gas in your current area. Two of the most effective are GasBuddy and AAA Triptik. It’s also possible to check the traffic on your smartphone before you leave the house. When you do this, you’ll avoid wasting gas by idling and backtracking.

  5. Invest in a rewards card for gas

    Many gas stations and grocery stores offer gas rewards cards. If you find yourself behind the wheel fairly often, it makes sense to get a card that gives you rewards for purchasing gas. Some cards put out by gas stations will lower the price of your next gas purchase; some will lower your current purchase price. Additionally, some cards offered by grocery stores will give you coupons and discounts on your groceries in the future.

  6. Avoid idling

    You should make sure your engine doesn’t idle for too long, both when your vehicle is warming up and when you’re in stopped traffic. If you know that you won’t be moving for at least one minute, it’s better to turn the engine off than to leave it running. However, if you’ll be stalled for less than a minute, turning off and restarting the engine will consume more gas than simply idling.

  7. Look out for increased credit card prices

    Sometimes, gas stations charge extra premiums to pay with a credit card. If you intend to pay for your gas with a debit or credit card, you should double check the pump to make sure that cash and credit cards cost the same amount of money. If an attendant is filling the car, double check that the attendant has noted ‘cash.’ It’s possible to lose five cents per gallon if the attendant presses ‘credit.’

  8. Maintain your vehicle

    Your tires should be filled properly with air, and you should make sure the treads haven’t been worn down. Another key factor is your air filter. Make sure that it’s clean, and that you’re replacing it every 15,000 miles or so.

    When your tires are under-inflated, you’ll experience significantly lower gas mileage. You’ll also lower the tread life of your tires, and handling your vehicle will be more difficult. This can even lead to dangerous situations when braking.

    Inflated tires might improve your gas mileage up to 3.3%. Making sure your air filter is clean can also improve your mileage up to 7%.

  9. Be careful about where you fill up your car.

    Gas stations on the sides of highways tend to charge more. Make sure you check your gas app to find the real lowest price in the area. And if you have the capability, it’s okay to drive a little ways away from the highway to get the best price.

  10. Lower the weight in your vehicle

    It’s common for people to forget how much stuff they’re keeping in their car. You shouldn’t be hauling around half of your apartment every time you go for a drive. Each week, you should clean the garbage and empty bottles out of your vehicle. Then, you should check on the objects in your glove box, passenger seat, and backseat. Do you need all of them? Can any of them go inside?

    The trunk is the most important space to check when it comes to conserving storage weight. People tend to have an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude — don’t be the same! Empty your trunk of junk to increase your gas mileage.

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