How To Become A Truck Driver

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There is more to being a truck driver than simply being able to secure truck and trailer leasing. There is a lot of allure to being a truck driver — the open road, the freedom, a chance for ample alone time. Many people pursue a career as a truck driver for exactly these reasons. If you are thinking about trying out commercial truck driving as a career, but aren’t entirely sure how to get started, below are some tips to help you become a truck driver and pursue your dreams.

How To Become A Truck Driver

Get your high school diploma or GED

While it is not completely set in stone that you need this in order to get a job as a truck driver, many companies look for this as a sign that you are competent and are able to accomplish things that you put your mind to.

Have a clean driving record

The sheer size and potential for danger that comes with driving a commercial truck means that most companies are looking for people who have a great driving record, which demonstrates their competence and ability on the road. Commercial trucking companies want to be sure that you are able to get from point A to point B (often vast distances that involve overnight driving) without compromising their reputation. This is also an important part of getting trailer and truck leasing and financing. People will be reluctant to give you money if you are not going to be a competent driver.

Get a commercial driver’s license

You are not going to be able to drive a commercial truck unless you have the proper certification in place to do so. This means, first and foremost, getting the required driver’s license. Make sure you know the specific rules to the state, or province where you will be applying for the job and the license, as it varies.

Prepare yourself for long hours

Being a truck driver means dealing with a lot of varied driving and in a variety of different conditions. You are going to need to be able to handle long drives, much of which could be overnight and in rain, sleet and snow. You are responsible for keeping the economic engine of the country by transporting the goods that people need to run their daily lives. If you don’t think you can hack the long, varied hours, even thinking about truck and trailer leasing might be a bad investment of your time.

Being a truck driver, like any job, comes with its ups and downs. But, if you are able to pass the requisite exams, show that you are a great driver who can safely operate heavy machinery on the open road, and have the constitution to handle the solitude and long hours spent driving, commercial truck driving could end up being a very fulfilling career.


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