5 Ways To Upgrade Your Sleeping Cabin

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Life on the road definitely has its ups and downs: being away from your family for extended periods of time, tough schedules and the stress of making deadlines. One of the other big ones for many truck drivers is the sleeping arrangements. While sleeping cabins aren’t all terrible, nothing beats your bed and your bedroom. There are some ways to make your sleeping cabin as comfortable as possible, if you haven’t already. Below are five ways to upgrade your truck’s sleeping cabin.

How To Upgrade Your Truck's Sleeping Cabin

Blackout curtains. One of the major hurdles to a good night’s sleep in a truck cabin, especially in many truck stops, is the ambient light that can make it seem like trying to sleep in an airport. Cars, restaurants, street and highway lighting can make it impossible. Invest in some blackout curtains. They pretty much cancel out all outside lighting.

Noise-insulating curtains. Sound is another big sleep disrupter. Sometimes it’s just not possible to park far enough away from the highway and you are left sleeping with cars and trucks whizzing by your ear all night long. Similar to black out curtains, you can also purchase noise-insulating curtains, many of which are combined blackout curtains as well.

White noise machine. The aforementioned noise cancelling curtains may not always be enough to do the job. Consider purchasing a white noise machine. These machines are turned on before you sleep and send out a soothing, completely neutral noise that can block out the noise pollution going on outside.

Air purifier. Another major drawback of going to bed in a sleeper is that it’s harder for odours to escape the confined space. A great way to make sure that you are breathing in clean, fresh air while you sleep is to invest in an air purifier. These devices recycle and clean the air you breathe. Additionally, keeping an opened box of baking soda also goes a long way to keeping ugly odours at bay.

Humidifier. If you find that you are having a hard time sleeping in your truck’s sleeper because the air is too dry and it’s hard to breathe comfortably, a humidifier is the solution. The humidifier can also act as your white noise machine, depending on the make and model.

While certainly not ideal, your truck’s sleeper doesn’t have to mean night after night of restless, uncomfortable sleep. With some simple additions and upgrades you can actually turn your sleeper into quite a decent little respite. Keep the above considerations in mind and make your time on the road as enjoyable as possible.


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