Tips For Modifying Your Truck

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If you own a truck and are considering taking some steps to improve its esthetic, some modifications are better than others. You might want to make some mods while still ensuring that your truck is fully functional, especially if you use it to run your business. If you are considering modifying your truck and are unsure of where to start, below are some tips.

Tips For Modifying Your Truck

Consider the image. Consider what you want your truck to convey. Do you want it to hug the ground and look more sleek? If so, you might want to go for a low rider effect and reduce the leaf springs, installing shorter coil springs at the front, or using lower profile tires on wider rims. If you want a more aggressive look, a lift kit that raises the front, back, or both could do the trick. You might want to add some mystery to your ride and opt for tinted windows. It’s always good to check and see what’s legal before making any alterations to the tint of your windows.

Mudflaps. Many truck owners like to show off their mudflaps by adorning them with stickers, or decals of their favourite brands. You can make your own mud flaps with some rubber, a box cutter and some creativity, or you can buy them pre-fabricated from many dealers, or even online.

Cab, running board and tailgate lights. This is a bit more complicated modification because it is going to require some wiring (that you will either do yourself, if you know how, or have to take to a professional). You can pick up these lights from your local autoparts store and they come in a variety of sizes and styles.

Make it louder. You can make your truck louder (and any vehicle for that matter) by simply removing the muffler. It is the cheapest modification that you can make to your truck and will for sure get you noticed. You can saw it off with an electric saw and leave the pipe unhooked. Similar to tinted windows, before doing this, it’s a good idea to check out the noise level laws where you are.

Your truck is an extension of who you are, and how it looks, and how you take care of it says a lot about the driver. If you are thinking about taking your truck to the next level and are going to make some modifications, consider the above tips and have the truck that all your friends talk about.


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