5 Most Visited Truck Stops In North America

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Truck stops have been a driver’s home away from home for more than 60 years, offering all of the necessities while on the road. However, a recent study by Transport Canada highlighted the fact that not only are rest stops in Canada unsafe and lacking in service, there also aren’t that many of them, either. In fact, more than 60% of truck drivers found this to be the case.

Truck Stops

In lieu of a truck stop’s guidebook, this list is a compilation of not only the most visited truck stops in North America, but some of the best ones, too.

  1. South of the Border
  2. South of the Border is more than just a truck stop, it’s also a popular tourist attraction. Located off the i-95 in Hamer, South Carolina, this destination includes all of the standard amenities, as well as the largest indoor reptile exhibit in America, an amusement park, an inn and a golf course.

  3. The Iowa 80 Truck Stop
  4. Currently home to 5,000 people every day, this is also the largest truck stop in the world and was recently awarded the title of “Coolest Truck Stop in America.” It is located in Walcott, Iowa, off of the I-80, at exit 284. Its amenities include an abundance of fast food options, showers, a gym, a laundromat, a dentist, a chiropractor and a barber. It also has a lot of entertainment options, including a movie theatre, a museum and even a Church service on Sunday.

  5. Tamarack Tourist Information Center
  6. This truck stop sees half a million people every year and is located in Beckley, West Virginia, off of the I-77 and I-64, on exit 45. While its food court is much like the rest, it offers tourist information and other amenities like a gallery, a theatre featuring live performances and shopping.

  7. Little America
  8. This truck stop is well known due to all of the amenities it provides. Located in Flagstaff, Arizona off of the I-40 at exit 198, this rest stop bears little resemblance to the typical truck stop. In fact, it is much more like a mini resort situated in the middle of a pine forest, complete with a golf course, swimming pool and fitness center. An added bonus is its 24/7 convenience store, which has everything you might be looking for, from DVDs to groceries.

  9. Husky Travel Centers
  10. Canada’s most visited truck stops are the Husky Travel Centers, a chain, with more than 40 locations across the country. These truck stops offer standard service, including large parking lots, fuel and showers. However, they are mostly known for their Husky House Restaurants, which offer home-style cooking for drivers on the road.


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