3 Career Opportunities for Truck Drivers

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The evolving Canadian economy presents a number of career opportunities for those with the skill and experience to drive a truck.

Truck Driver

Truck driving is a job that has proven to be relatively immune to the changes to the country’s economy over the years, but for drivers to truly capitalize on their skill sets, it’s imperative they understand how to locate the most lucrative opportunities within the field.

In this article, we’re highlighting three career opportunities for truck drivers.

1. House Moving Companies

House moving specialists are always on the lookout for drivers. It’s a job that requires a comprehensive understanding of spatial awareness and organization.

One of the leading advantages of achieving a job within a moving company is that drivers will be able to discover their local region and help others in their community. This is also the ideal trucking job for those who prefer a typical 9-to-5 shift that most trucking positions don’t offer.

2. Oil Transportation

The Canadian marketplace is heavily reliant upon the transportation of oil across the country, so oil transportation work is one of the safest and best-paying positions that a Canadian truck driver could achieve.

While many oil truck drivers work long hours, they are well-paid and have access to vacation time during off-peak times of the year. This helps assure a practical schedule and allows drivers to plan time with their family around their high-paying job. It’s a job that requires technical expertise as well as driving experience.

3. Concert Roadies for Musicians

Every top music group now has their own specialist truck driver who transports the band and their equipment across the country when they’re on tour. For young truck drivers just entering the marketplace, this type of position offers a range of benefits.

Concert roadies are well paid for the short time the band is on the road, and driving a tour truck offers an exceptional opportunity to see the country while making money and building a nest egg for the future. While the work might be sporadic, driving a tour truck could be the perfect entry into the market for many drivers.

Truck driving is a profession with a well-documented history and a bright future. To learn more about truck rental opportunities to experience these careers, talk to one of our experts directly.


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