Best Apps For Truck Drivers

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Apps make all our lives a little less boring. With so many options to watch videos, play games or chat with friends, there’s a never-ending chain of entertainment on the App store. But did you know that they can improve aspects of your job as well? We’ll cover the best apps for the job and your time away from home one the road.

Apps For Truckers

Co-Pilot Live Truck

This app gives you routes that are truck-legal specific to the weight and size of your truck, and that is far more important than other navigation apps.

The popular app called Waze may help you save time by avoiding traffic jams, but the most important part about a route is being able to safely cross over and under certain driving structures. This app downloads maps so you can prepare your route in advance. It’s also voice-guided so you can keep your eyes on the road.

FleetSafer Mobile

This app temporarily blocks access to texts, emails, and surfing on the browser in order to prevent traffic accidents. Not only is it illegal to use your phone in certain places, it’s unsafe for you and all the cars around you. Automatic replies can be set, so people will know that you’re unavailable because you’re on the road.


GasBuddy lets you know where to buy the cheapest gas in areas near you. The app relies on community feedback, so the information will be more up to date through certain areas. It also covers American and Canadian routes and stations that offer diesel in addition to gas. You can save thousands of dollars in a year based on these savings.


This app is an eCommerce marketplace where people with items to ship have an auction and owner-operators place bids on the job. This is a great way to find jobs, and once you’ve won, the app continues to organize important details about the job such as booking and payment details.


This app is useful for making free phone calls long distance, and all you need is a connection to the internet. You can also make video calls, which will help you with staying in touch with loved ones. You don’t have to fuss with calling cards — in fact, the app is very user friendly.

While some Apple users prefer FaceTime, they’re only able to connect with other Apple users. Skype lets you connect with anyone who has either a computer, tablet or smart phone of any kind.

If you’re concerned about weight gain while on the road, calorie counters will help you with dieting and eating healthy. You can also download exercise apps to encourage you, as these apps encourage you to repeat your habits day after day. FatSecret is a popular calorie counter


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