Surprising Statistics About Truckers

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Every time you get on the highway, you are bound to drive alongside a trucker at some point. Still to this day, semis are relied on heavily for the transportation of goods; when it comes to shipping products from one place to the next, the national interstate system is just as crucial as sea and air.

Surprising Statistics About Truckers

Those of us who spend a majority of our months in a truck are generally unfazed by the average statistics surrounding lengths of time on the road, but there are several stats and facts about our industry that remain surprising.

Here are a few intriguing facts about the trucking industry at large, some of which even seasoned drivers may find hard to believe:

Facts You Probably Did Not Know About Trucking:

  • In an industry that employs close to 9 million, one-third of these individuals are the long-haul truckers you see daily on the road.

  • There are also roughly 15.5 million semi-trucks currently in operation, with a portion of them being full-size tractor trailers.

  • The vast majority of truckers are owner/operators, meaning they are contracted out by companies and are usually paid on a per-mile basis. As well, there are 1.2 million of these businesses operating in the United States.

  • Annual revenues for the industry amount to in excess of one-quarter of a trillion dollars per year for the entire field; trucking companies listed as ‘For Hire’ generated revenue nearing $100 billion, which is significantly higher than their air travel counterparts that amount to roughly one-fifth of that number.

  • If you were to line up all of the U.S. and Canadian commercial trucks, they would be long enough to reach the moon; this goes to show just how much cargo is being moved across country lines every single day.

  • Of course, it takes a lot of fuel to make all of this happen. This is in the ballpark of 52 million gallons of diesel per year.

There is much more to the trucking industry than most people realize. What often goes on behind the scenes is unnoticed, but nonetheless extremely important. You will probably never think of the field the same way again.

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