How Truck Drivers can Balance Personal Life and Travel

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Work/life balance is a problem for those who work long hours, but with a bit of planning even the busiest and hardest worker can reserve some time for themselves to enjoy. Since you’re already on the road, why not take the opportunity to explore the area you’re in? We’ll sharing our tricks to maximize fun and family without cutting into your work schedule.

Work Life Balance for Truckers

Adapt to New Routines

Part of the difficulty in keeping a schedule when you’re on the road is adapting to the constant change, and the interruptions to your routines while at home add up to really make a difference.

Things that may change usually include:

  • Sleeping habits
  • Eating habits
  • Getting to spend adequate time with friends, family, and neighbours

This means that you’re required to face a change in these areas on a regular basis. One way to combat this is develop one pattern that doesn’t change regardless of where you may be. For example, some people find a shower or a morning run to be refreshing and a good way to start the day. Others will set a strict bedtime or alarm clock to reduce how much the change will interfere with their day, and some choose to engage in Skype or FaceTime conversations with family on a nightly basis to feel that sense of connection.

Whatever it is you choose, finding a schedule will help you feel like your life is less interrupted when you’re on the road.

Combine Goals

While you’re on the road, see the spare minutes in your life as opportunities to get things done that can take away from your family time while at home. You may consider:

  • Filling out some paperwork
  • Cleaning out the cab or performing other minor maintenance work
  • Planning the next day
  • Calling your family

It would be a bad idea to think of a work trip as a vacation, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t accomplish personal and professional goals on the same day. For example, while making a pit stop in a city, it may be worthwhile to plan ahead and figure out a nice place to eat along the way — in fact, many great restaurants are located outside of the downtown core, so spend some time searching through Yelp! Reviews to find restaurants along your route.

Seeing Your Time as Units

It can take time to adjust from one activity to another. For example, you’ve just settled in to your couch and after the broadcast of the TV show you were watching just finished airing, you’re in the mood for more TV when you should be preparing for bed. Although it can be difficult to get started, adjustment periods can be shortened with the right attitude.

Set units that include your driving, your sleeping, your communication with family, and entertainment. Ensuring your allotted unit doesn’t get exceed or ignored on any given day will ensure that you will be able to successfully have a proper work/life balance!


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