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Backhoe loans and Financing

A Backhoe is an instrumental piece of machinery in the construction industry. It also goes by other names such as rear actor or back actor. The backhoe is an attachment to the back end of a tractor (hence the name) that is used for digging and excavating. This attachment is referred to as an arm that is divided into three sections: the dipper, the stick, and the boom. The boom is the part of the arm closest to the tractor and the dipper is the bucket located at the end of the arm that performs the actual task of digging. The stick joins the two together.

Truck Loan Center, the only real truck loan specialist, works exclusively in providing secure truck leasing and truck loans for heavy equipment such as backhoes. We are the most trusted truck loan specialists who offer the most competitive rates when it comes to truck leasing and truck loans, as well as access to special discounts due to our many contacts in the industry. We aim to offer a financial solution that meets your particular circumstances, which is why we offer a variety of financing options from seasonal payments, low down payments, second chance loan solutions and more. We have provided truck leasing and truck loans to thousands of clients, including those in the construction business, from small fleet operators to large construction companies.

How does the backhoe work?

The backhoe is similar to the human body: it is a collection of separate parts joined together to work as a unit. In its entirety, the backhoe is part of a larger piece of machinery consisting of three parts: the tractor, front loader, and backhoe. The tractor is the central part of the machinery as this is the vehicle that carries the backhoe and front loader. It has the basic characteristics of any vehicle with an engine, wheels and steering wheel with basic controls. The front loader is used for transferring loose material over a short distance (such as dirt and debris). Unlike the backhoe it is not meant for digging. The backhoe is used for digging up tough soil or the lifting of heavy material, which (just like the human harm) is made up of joint parts: the dipper, boom and stick that work together in unison with the rest of the machinery. To summarise, the tractor carries the backhoe and front loader where they are needed, the backhoe does the necessary digging while the front loader transports the loosened or excavated material to a nearby destination. Finally, there is a vital part known as the stabiliser that can be found near the wheels. This keeps the tractor balanced as the other parts do their work.

What are backhoes used for?

Backhoes have several uses when it comes to heavy digging:

  • Digging foundations
  • Removing tree roots
  • Digging up trenches for plumbing jobs
  • Creating drainage

Backhoes act like giant human arms and are capable of performing gruelling tasks, faster, more efficiently and safer than humans can. Backhoes must be operated with care as it can be dangerous to persons nearby or the operator himself, hence why many of them are enclosed or have some sort of protective casing.

What attachments are available for a backhoe?

Some of the attachments available for a backhoe are thumb, skid steer, drill and stump grinder.

Is a special license required to operate a backhoe?

Yes. As with most heavy machinery a special license is required to be able to operate a backhoe. There are colleges and other institutions that offer training in order to obtain the license.

Can Backhoes be Leased or Rented?

Backhoes can be purchased, although many firms would prefer to have it leased or rented. Since the projects in which backhoes are used are temporary in nature, it is generally more cost effective to rent rather than own. Truck Loan Center offers secure truck leasing and truck loans. When your business thrives, our business thrives, which is why our industry professionals work hard to find you the lowest possible rates so that your business is as profitable as possible. If you are just setting out, our industry professionals can help you to grow a small fleet. We understand the nature of business, which is why our loan application process for securing truck leasing and truck loans is as simple as possible. We only ask that you complete a credit card application, a summary of your industry experience and details regarding the type of truck you are looking to finance.