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Boom Truck Loans & Financing

A boom truck is a leading-class piece of equipment for moving and hauling applications. The system is extremely versatile and can be used in situations in which other types of lifting systems are unsuitable. Many companies also now use boom trucks for hoisting applications, as the setup and takedown process can be completed efficiently within a quick timeframe.

Truck Loan Center is your premier source for truck, trailer and heavy equipment loans and leasing. We specialize in boom truck loans and boom truck leasing, and offer secure and highly affordable rates. Serving thousands of clients across North America, we have become the most trusted source for businesses.

How does the Boom Truck Work?

There are a broad range of boom trucks available on the marketplace, each with their own style of operation. The vast majority of boom trucks have a crane at the rear of the truck that’s used for lifting items into the truck bed.

There are also concrete boom trucks, which contain a pipe with a nozzle which can be used to pump materials from the truck up through the boom and into areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Some concrete boom trucks have boom lengths that extend as far as 230 feet.

What are Boom Trucks Used for?

Boom trucks have several uses across the marketplace:

  • Fire Response Applications
  • Concrete Pouring Processes
  • Heavy Equipment Lifting Applications

Boom trucks are exceptionally versatile and can be used in areas where other vehicles are unsuitable. Boom trucks must be operated with great care by a specialist to ensure optimal safety.

What Attachments are Available for the Boom Truck?

Available attachments for the boom truck include two-man baskets, work platforms, and expandable arms.

Is a Special License Required to Operate a Boom Truck?

As with most heavy equipment, a special license is required to operate a boom truck. Operators may be able to find educational courses in their area through which to obtain certification and licensing.

Can Boom Trucks be Leased or Rented?

Yes. Most operators find it is more affordable to rent their boom trucks in the short term, as the vehicle is likely to be only required for highly specific work. At Truck Loan Center, we work in close contact with the leading companies in the business to ensure that our clients only have access to the best boom truck loans and leasing options, as well as access to top-of-the-line boom trucks.

Why Choose The Truck Loan Center?

At the Truck Loan Center, we have a strong commitment to seeing your business grow. At each step of the way, we implement the best practices to see this through. From our low-rates to our fast closing services, you and your business are our priority.

  • Low Rates & Flexible Payment Options

    With access to many lenders, we are able to offer some of the lowest rates on boom trucks. On top of our low rates, we also offer flexible payment options to accommodate your particular circumstances, from seasonal payments to low down payments and more.

  • Easy and Fast Approval

    Our commitment to seeing your business grows means that we want you to get out on the road as soon as possible. We require just a few steps and can secure financing for both boom truck loans and boom truck leasing in just a few hours.