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Cranes Loans & Financing

A crane is a piece of equipment that is designed to raise and lower extremely heavy objects. Unlike hoists that can only lift, cranes are capable of lifting and moving objects sideways. Cranes are also different from conveyors that lift and move bulk materials, like coal and grain, in a continuous process.

Cranes typically comprise a boom, outriggers and/or counterweights, reinforced-steel cables, and a hook.

Truck Loan Center specializes in equipment loans and equipment leasing for an extensive list of heavy equipment, including cranes. We are one of the leading financing companies in the industry, providing low interest rates and secure financing for thousands of clients across a variety of industries, from construction to transportation to manufacturing and industrial. Truck Loan Center is North America’s premier source for equipment loans and leasing.

How Does a Crane Work?

There are many types of crane mechanisms with different operation principles. Some of the common ones include:

  1. The Mounted Crane
  2. This is basically a crane mounted on a truck carrier that provides mobility. They can travel on highways, which eliminates the need for special equipment to transport the crane. On the jobsite, outriggers are extended horizontally from the chassis, then vertically to level and balance the crane while hoisting. Most cranes also have moving counterweights for additional stabilisation.

  3. Rough Terrain Cranes
  4. This is a crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, designed for off-road, rough-terrain, and pick-and-carry applications. They also use outriggers for stabilisation, though they’re single engine machines – use the same engine to power the crane and undercarriage.

  5. Tower Crane
  6. Tower cranes are common equipment at any major construction site. They’re hard to miss, considering they rise hundreds of feet into the air. These cranes are used in the construction of tall buildings to lift concrete, steel, large tools like generators and acetylene torches, and a wide range of other building materials. The height of tower cranes is adjustable, so the upper part is raised as the building increases in height.

Other common cranes include the all-terrain crane with 2-9 axles and combined merits of the mounted and rough terrain cranes; crawler cranes, which use an undercarriage with a set of tracks that offer stability and mobility; and floating cranes used in offshore applications.

Regardless of the type of crane you are looking to finance, whether a mounted crane or a tower crane, Truck Loan Center offers first-rate financing options.

What is a Crane Used for?

Cranes are mostly used in the construction of tall buildings to get large, heavy steel beams up to the top floors. They can be used to lift heavy objects weighing thousands of pounds, saving a lot of energy, time, and money.

They can also be used:

  • In the development of transportation infrastructure, including highways, bridges, and airports
  • To load and unload ships, barges, and boards. They are capable of picking and moving heavy shipping containers from boats to trucks or trains

What Attachments are Available for Cranes?

Different attachments can be used with cranes, including:

  • Brick and block cages – Designed to convey pallets of loose products, like bricks on pallets safely to a site with an overhead crane
  • Pallet lifters – Designed to maximise the efficiency of overhead material handling systems, especially in areas inaccessible with fork lift trucks

Is a Special License Required to Operate this Vehicle?

Cranes perform numerous tasks in construction sites, and must be controlled by highly skilled operators. So, special training and licensing is crucial for safety and work efficiency.

Can Cranes be Rented or Leased?

Most construction companies lease or rent their tower or mobile cranes from another company. They are costly to buy and own, so it is better to rent one when a job requiring cranes arises. In the case of a tower crane, the company you’re leasing from would mobilise the crane to your site, assemble it, and charge for the duration the crane will be on the site.

At Truck Loan Center, we understand the seasonal fluctuations of the construction business and other similar industries. This is why we take a highly customized approach when working with our clients because we know that each and every business has its own needs. As such, we offer a range of payment options to allow your business to thrive.

Whether this is your first time securing an equipment loan or lease, or you are in the process of growing an entire fleet, Truck Loan Center will propel you to the heights of your business potential. In addition to low-rates and unparalleled customer service, we also make the loan application process extremely easy so that you can focus on what matters most.