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Commonly known as diggers, JCBs, 360-degree excavators and mechanical shovels, excavators are construction vehicles used exclusively for construction projects. Excavators dig or move big objects such as dirt/earth and concrete. The vehicle contains two parts. The first part is the driving base and the second is a boom arm and bucket complete with a special attachment made for digging. The excavator’s operator sits in a small cab that is found attached to the base. The operator is able to control the boom arm from inside the cab.

Truck Loan Center offers first-rate, low-cost and secure truck leasing and truck loan options for construction projects with a specialization in heavy equipment such as excavators. We are able to offer you the most competitive rates and access to special discounts due our extensive contacts in the industry and will secure truck leasing and truck loans regardless of the type of excavator you need. With our high standard of service, we have solidified our place as one of North America’s most trusted sources for truck leasing and truck loans.

How Does an Excavator Work?

On the base, two articulating tracks act like wheels to conduct the vehicle’s movement. These side-located tracks give the machine stability and allow the operator to move the vehicle into position. The base’s top has a platform that rotates between 180° and 360°.

There are two sets of controls inside the cab. One set moves the full unit back and forth, while the other set moves the horizontal plan and controls the boom arm. Besides general movement, the two sets of controls determine the angles and speed of the arm and bucket’s movements along the unit’s vertical axis.

What is an Excavator Used for?

These construction vehicles have many functions such as:

  • Hauling materials
  • Digging trenches, foundations, holes etc.
  • Forestry work/mulching
  • Demolition
  • Grading and landscaping
  • Mining
  • River dredging
  • Snow removal (only with snowplow and snow blower attachments)
  • Cutting of brush (only with hydraulic attachments)

What Attachments are Available for Excavators?

Modern excavators have come a long way with many attachments available to allow the machine to do more than simply dig. Hydraulic-powered attachments like breakers (to demolish heavy substances like concrete and rock), grapples (hooks that can extract and extend) and augers (drill bits), can be added to excavators to increase the unit’s efficiency. Furthermore, excavators can have a dozer blade. This is used to aid with levelling and backfilling foundations. Generally, these accessories are attached and detached using quick couplers.

Is a Special License Required to Operate this Vehicle?

Yes. In order to be able to operate an excavator you are required to obtain a specific licence. If you do not get your excavator’s license, you will not have the proper qualifications in place to work on any construction project. Workers who operate excavators without proper licensing can be fined and fired from a job site. Worse, you could become severely injured if you operate this machine without the right training and license.

Can Excavators be Rented or Leased?

Most construction companies lease or rent their equipment. It is usually less costly to lease or rent instead of buying the equipment outright. Our industry professionals at Truck Loan Center understand the construction business well. We will help you to secure the lowest rates when it comes to truck leasing and truck loans that will meet your particular circumstances and business goals. When your business thrives, ours does too, which is why it our goal to find you a financing option that fits your needs, whether you are in need of seasonal payments, low down payments, or second chance loan solutions.

Our industry professionals are experts in the business and have secured thousands of truck loans for our clients across both the US and Canada. We are able to offer flexible financing options in a very efficient manner. We make the loan application process extremely streamlined, which is why we only ask for a completed credit card application, a summary of your industry experience and details regarding the type of excavator you are looking to finance.