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Flatbed Tow Truck Loans & Financing

Flatbed tow trucks are designed for seamless loading of heavy equipment and vehicles. Flatbeds have no sides or roof, so these vehicles allow companies to transport their equipment quickly to repair depots and other facilities across the country. Here at Truck Loan Center, we have considerable experience helping clients secure flatbed tow truck loans and leasing.

Truck Loan Center is a premium truck, trailer and heavy equipment loan center that specializes in flatbed tow truck loans and flatbed tow truck leasing. We have become one of North America’s most trusted sources and have paved the way for thousands of business owners across numerous industries to grow their business, from the transportation industry to construction to manufacturing and beyond. With access to many different lenders, our rates on flatbed tow trucks are highly affordable.

We know that companies are on tight schedules in managing their flatbed truck requirements and must access high quality vehicles within the shortest possible timeframe. We’ve designed each element of our loan service to ensure customers save money while accessing quality flatbeds according to their unique scheduling needs.

Why Clients Choose Truck Loan Center

Clients select the services of Truck Loan Center because they know we can help them at every stage of the flatbed tow truck selection and loan process. We offer the following:

  • Reduced Rates

    Truck Loan Center offers affordable rates that take into consideration the client’s credit rating and allow them to find affordable flatbed tow truck loans and leasing. On top of reduced rates, we also go out of our way to accommodate wherever possible, offering highly flexible payment options. Whether you are in need of seasonal payments, low down payments, second chance loan solutions or another type of payment option, we are happy to meet your individual needs.

  • Approval within Hours

    We’ll help business owners achieve approval for their flatbed tow truck loans within a reduced timeframe. Oftentimes, we can get financing approval for clients in just hours.

  • Fast Closing Services

    Our streamlined services mean we can help clients access their flatbed trucks quickly so they can begin integrating the vehicle within their business much sooner than they would have otherwise. We are committed to seeing your business grow and succeed – and our streamlined services put you on the path of working toward your business goals right away.

Our loan approval process involves three simple steps:

  • Submission of a credit package to our office team
  • Selecting the flatbed tow trucks required
  • Signing the agreement and picking up the vehicle

It’s a simplified process that ensures immediate returns for our clients. We work with the leading companies in the industry to ensure business owners have access to quality flatbed vehicles. We also employ trusted market specialists who can help clients pinpoint their ideal vehicle after comparing and contrasting the leading makes and models. It’s the trusted service for fast, affordable access to the latest flatbed tow trucks.

To learn more, speak with our team today at 1-866-230-0094.