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Front Loader Loans and Financing

The Front Loader (also known as bucket loader or wheel loader) is a staple machine in the construction business. It is a specialised tractor that is designed for lifting or pushing heavy material such as stone, dirt, asphalt, and gravel. Any debris that is too heavy or cumbersome to move with light machinery or manpower is moved by a front loader. Front loaders can either be wheeled or tracked, but most of them tend to be wheeled as this provides more manoeuvrability and speed. Wheeled front loaders can even be driven out on the roads like an ordinary vehicle, although they would not be able to achieve the speed of a regular transport vehicle. The front loader is characterised by a large, square shaped bucket attached to the front of the vehicle. This bucket is the main instrument for pushing, lifting, and carrying heavy material or debris. Occasionally it is also used for shallow digging.

Truck Loan Center specializes in the financing front loaders, providing premium, affordable and secure equipment loans and equipment leasing. We are North America’s most trusted financing center, helping thousands of clients in the construction industry grow their business.

With access to numerous lenders in the industry, we are able to offer the lowest rates when it comes to equipment loans and leasing. At Truck Loan Center, we understand the fluctuations that can occur in the construction business due to seasonal factors beyond your control, which is why we go out of our way to accommodate each and every client with a variety of payment options, from seasonal payments, low down payments, second chance loan solutions and more.

How Front Loaders Work

Front loaders tend to use wheels instead of tracks, they are also controlled differently. Front loaders are steered by pivoting. The pivot point is located between the rear and front of the axle. This type of steering is known as articulated steering, which allows for greater control of the machine as well as increased lifting power. This design also allows the machine greater range of motion while bearing a heavy load.

Front loaders are more vulnerable to tipping over due to the heavy weight it carries; hence the operator must be conscious of the carrying capacity of the machine as well as the range of motion and balance. Front loaders are categorized by horse power which can range from 80 to over 250. Specifications such as bucket size, cutting edges, traction of tires, speed, breakout force, and counterweight are used to determine how well a front loader can perform. The steering wheel is located behind the rear wheels for traction when carrying a heavy load.

What are Front Loaders Used For?

Front loaders are used for lifting and moving heavy material. This could be in a variety of outdoor work settings such as

  • Loading material onto trucks
  • Snow removal
  • Installation of pipes
  • Demolition
  • Land clearing
  • Clearing debris
  • Shallow digging

Is a Special License required to Operate a Front Loader?

Yes. Special training is required to operate a front loader and the operator must be licensed. It is paramount that the operator is qualified and licensed as a front loader can be very dangerous under the control of someone who is not qualified.

Can Front Loaders be Leased Or Rented?

Yes. Front loaders can be leased or rented. Truck Loan Center offers a variety of financing options, including several loan and leasing options. It is actually more cost effective to lease or rent since many of the projects that employ front loaders are short term in nature.

At Truck Loan Center, we pride ourselves on the lengths our team of industry professionals will go to understand your unique needs, which is why we take a customized approach to every client. On top of low-rates, flexible payment options and excellent customer service, we also make the process of securing equipment loans and equipment leasing extremely easy so that you can focus on what matters most.