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Log Trailer Loans And Financing

There are different types of log trailers you can use to move timber out of the woods or down the highway, from short wood and hay rack trailers to flat decks with log bunks and jeep and pole trailers to self-loading log trucks, there are flexible options for those in the forestry and logging industry.

Truck Loan Center specializes in log trailer loans and log trailer leasing and is a first-rate truck, trailer and heavy equipment loan center. We are North America’s leading choice for secure log trailer financing because of our low rates, flexible payment options, easy approvals and customer service.

How Does A Log Trailer Work?

As an alternative to conventional log trainers, some loggers prefer to configure four-wheel trailers so they can transport logs. But these trailers can only be used to haul shorter log lengths, with perhaps a single load on the truck and a second one on the trailer.

Long loads, on the other hand, can be hauled as a “bridge load,” whereby the load forms a bridge between the truck and the trailer with one end of the logs resting on each.

Traditional four-wheel log trailers are steered because the logs form the bridge that effectively becomes the body of the trailer. The configuration also includes a steel tube extending from a pintle to the trailer, referred to as the “reach.” The supporting bunks on the trailer swivel and the truck, as well as the reach, are designed to allow flexibility of the length as needed during the turn.

The pintle height is positioned a few feet behind the truck wheels so that when the truck turns in one direction, the pintle moves in the other direction. So, steering the truck left causes the trailer to turn right, which compensates for the tendency of trailers to cut corners.

The traditional tandem axle trailer is more common owing to the convenience it offers, though the four-wheel trailer has a greater hauling capacity. The weight rules typically limit each set of tandem axles to 34,000 lbs, while individual axles positioned more than 10 feet apart are limited to 20,000 lbs each.

The weight of the trailer combined with the frame weighs a few thousand pounds more than the classic trailer, though it can haul an extra 6,000 lbs. But to leverage the wheelbase to handle the weight, the logs should be longer than the standard 40 feet. This limits the usefulness of the combination to long poles and other specialty loads comprising extra long logs.

What Equipment Is Available For This Trailer?

The truck driver is responsible for the way the load is positioned and secured. In this regard, there are a number of pieces of equipment you need, including:

  • Bolsters and stanchions to retain the load
  • Restraints, twitches, chains, and wire ropes to restrain the load

Is A Special License Required To Operate A Log Trailer?

Yes. As with other trailers with a GVWR of over 26,000 lbs, the operator is required to have a commercial driver’s license to ensure they are well-trained in handling long vehicles with high gross vehicle weight rating.

Can Log Trailers Be Leased Or Rented?

The logging and forestry business is often seasonal and easily influenced by economic shifts. As such, seasonal leasing of log trailers can eliminate the hassle and extra cost of having expensive machinery during the off-season, while allowing you sufficient cash flow during peak season to maximize on the opportunity. That’s why we offer highly flexible payment options on all of our log trailer loans and log trailer leasing. We understand the nature of the logging business and as such, we want to give your business the best chance for success. That begins with low rates and flexibility.

On top of low rates and flexible payment options, we also work with the best companies in the business so that our clients only have access to the most reliable and durable log trailers. This is especially true for loggers because of their tendency to work in more isolated areas.

Why Choose The Truck Loan Center?

  • Low Rates and Flexible Payment Options

    On top of offering some of the lowest rates around, we also go out of our way to accommodate your individual needs. If you are a logger and in need of seasonal payments, we are happy to make that happen. We also offer low down payments, second chance loan solutions and more.

  • Fast and Easy Approvals
    Much of our customer satisfaction comes with the ease of securing log trailer loans and log trailer leasing. We can have you out of the door in mere hours!