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Motor Grader Loans & Financing

A motor grader is a popular piece of construction equipment used by specialists to create a wide flat surface. The product is traditionally used for road maintenance, with its primary application being to flatten road surfaces before asphalt is added.

Truck Loan Center specializes in equipment loans and equipment leasing for an extensive range of heavy equipment, including motor graders. We are a premium financing company and one of North America’s most trusted sources for equipment loans and financing, serving thousands of clients in Canada and the US, and across major industries, from construction to manufacturing. We offer secure financing options with unbeatable interest rates and easy approval.

How does the Motor Grader Work?

Motor graders are built with a moveable blade, which is known as the moldboard. The moldboard is usually attached under the grader’s frame, with a ring style construction that allows for the system to swivel vertically and adjust the casting angle. This style of movement means the motor grader is able to work sideways, and is therefore suitable for applications such as pulling ditches and working on sloping banks.

For balance, the motor grader uses wheels that can be tilted up-to 20 degrees, helping to balance the machine horizontally while the system is at a vertical angle.

What are Motor Graders Used for?

Motor grades have several uses across the marketplaces

  • Residential Snow Removal
  • Forming Dirt Tracks on Farmland
  • Creating Flat Road Surfaces

Motor graders work efficiently to flatten surfaces in areas where bulldozers are not required. Their efficiency means they’re often used by cities across North America to complete road work. But the smaller versions with 80-150 horsepower can be used for landscaping applications and smaller parking lot grading work.

Regardless of the type or size of motor grader you are looking to finance, we have the financing options to meet your needs.

What Attachments are Available for the Motor Grader?

Available attachments for the motor grader include plows, fenders, and window eliminators.

Is a Special License Required to Operate a Motor Grader?

As with most heavy equipment, a special license is required to operate a motor grader. Drivers may find certification courses at their local educational institution.

Can Graders be Leased or Rented?

Yes. It is generally considered more cost effective to lease or rent graders over the short-term as most grading work requires the use of the equipment for only a short period of time.

Truck Loan Center puts your business first. Our industry professionals not only have extensive knowledge pertaining to your particular industry, but we also take the time to understand your individual needs in order to secure the best possible fit when it comes to your equipment. This is reflected in our flexible and customized approach. Our industry professionals work tirelessly to secure the lowest possible rate so that your business thrives, made possible via our extensive connections to lenders.

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