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Transportation is an essential part of a log company’s activities. Hauling logs out of the forest or mountains to the mill is done with heavy equipment like a truck or trailer. While some drivers opt to…

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Truck Loans & Lease Dallas

With years of industry experience, Truck Loan Centre has built itself a reputation as one the industry’s premier commercial truck and trailer financing loan providers. The Truck Loan Centre is pleased to bring its exceptional service and financing options to Dallas, Texas. As a major commercial centre and a vital transportation hub in the southern United States, it is essential that owners and operators in Dallas have access to companies which are able to provide them with a wide range of financing options to meet their growing needs. Transporting commercial freight is a complicated business and a vital component of a thriving commercial economy. Truck Loan Centre has provided loans and financing solutions to thousands of clients throughout North America and our team of knowledgeable, experienced loan officers are able to tailor flexible loan situations to your business needs.

One of the main things that our clients report is that they love working with us directly. We do not have exclusive relationships with any one dealer or manufacturer, meaning there is no conflict of interest when structuring your loan or financing. We provide our clients with the best terms and in depth information so that they can approach any dealer in the country, assured that they have the financing in place to run their business.

We are thrilled to offer our expertise and services to the city of Dallas, and know that our work ethic, our ability to find a diverse array of financing options and our commitment to keep your business profitable and running smoothing will add value to the city’s commercial freight community.

In addition to truck loans, we have considerable experience developing loans for equipment and heavy machinery purchases across all sectors, including: Transportation, manufacturing, construction, industrial and agriculture. We help you keep to your working capital, small business loan, credit line and invoice factoring parameters.

Commercial Truck Loans

We are firmly of the opinion that many of the goods and services that people all over North America require to live their daily lives would be hard to come by if it weren’t for commercial trucking which is why we are committed to getting you the best financing and loan terms possible.

Trailer Loan

Renting trailers can be incredibly expensive, more expensive than simply purchasing one outright. We are masters at getting trailer loans approved and are often capable of providing our customers with pre-approvals of up to one million dollars, zero down loans and extended terms of up to 72 months.

Truck Leasing

Leasing is often a great option, especially if you are looking for tax benefits, fixed payment schedules and flexible credit underwriting.

Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment Loans

Our advisors have a wide range of industry experience and are able to help you acquire financing for small business, construction, equipment and accounts receivable factoring in Dallas. We want to help you bolster your cash flow and give you access to valuable capital outside of your traditional lending and borrowing areas.

To request a quote on a working capital loan, use our quick and easy working capital loan calculator and get yours today.

Whether you are well established in the industry, or are looking for financing for your first trailer, or truck in Dallas, we are here to help you. Get in touch with us today and speak to one of our industry experts.