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The Dearborn, MI commercial trucking venture provides an integral connection between part suppliers, OEMs, wholesalers, distribution networks, and POS’s in most industries.

At Truck Loan Center, we provide owner-operators and fleet managers with lease and finance solutions, and access to the equipment they need to make their businesses thrive. From flat beds to dry vans to perishable freight, we are the ideal partner for all your hauling needs—short (under 100 miles), medium (between 100 and 250 miles), and long distance (250 miles and more).

With a population of over 100,000, Dearborn in Wayne County is the eighth largest city in the state of Michigan. The city is home to the Ford Motor Company headquarters, as well as the company’s community college and campus that contains finance, testing, research, and production facilities. This makes Ford a major employer in the area, in addition to the Oakwood Healthcare System, Visteon, and AAA Michigan Insurance, among others.

Fleet managers and owner operators looking for financial aid to grow their business in Dearborn should visit the experts at Truck Loan Center. While there are many financial institutions that can help you acquire the machinery you need, their bottom-line may prove to be a deterrent to your success. We understand that revenues fluctuate a lot, so our lease and finance options provide the flexibility you need to keep up with the payments while maintaining cash flow in your business.

Partnership with Truck Loan Center

The trucking industry in Dearborn, MI is very competitive. But with TLC as your partner, your good credit can give you access to multiple trucks, to keep your business going with affordable monthly payments. Many of our clients across North America prefer to have at least one flat bed truck for medium and long haul trucking of military equipment, mining equipment, and construction materials.

Many of our clients specialize in specific hauling businesses, and include:

  • Raw material suppliers- These businesses haul large loads to big manufacturers across the country. Most of these materials do not need to be stored at a certain temperature. Manufacturers usually have a warehouse for such supplies locally, which offers some flexibility for receiving them, except when supplies are low.
  • Manufacturers- These businesses typically use third party fleets to distribute their products. The job involves hauling packaged goods to one or more wholesalers/distributors in different regions, which results in steady business, traveling between two or more locations.
  • Wholesalers/Distributors- These businesses receive truckloads of products from the manufacturers they do business with and distribute them to large retailers. Large established businesses tend to own their trucks, but this is also one of the easiest points of entry into the trucking business.

Small businesses looking to venture into distribution tend to invest in assets more carefully and slowly, choosing short-haul trucking. TLC can help these companies access the trucks they need through leasing. As your business grows and begins to operate at capacity, we can provide you with different trucks to expand your shipping capacity, or simply give you additional trucking support to increase your fleet.

Contact our Dearborn office today to discuss how our lease and finance products can help your business move to the next step.