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Truck Loans & Lease Detroit, MI

When considering truck and equipment loan and lease options in Detroit, MI, it is usually recommended that you get multiple quotes from different providers in your area. However, many financial institutions are not familiar with the intricacies of the trucking industry, and their lack of flexibility may affect your new or growing business negatively.

Things are different when you approach a financial provider that specializes in trucking and heavy equipment. Truck Loan Center provides loan and lease solutions that are tailored to address the unique needs of the industry.

Helping You Penetrate the Detroit, MI Trucking Industry

When you loan or lease a truck with Truck Loan Center, we know that you are making a commitment to the business. While other financial institutions are only be interested in getting their money back, we are interested in you leasing more trucks from us. Of course you can buy your own, but we believe that scaling fast requires significant cash flow, and leasing our trucks gives you the best chance to keep as much of your capital as possible in your business.

We find that most of our clients in Detroit, MI are well versed with the opportunities and challenges of trucking in the state of Michigan. But discussing the details of your business with our experts can help to identify loopholes in your plan that may cause unnecessary expenses.

We have many clients approaching us to lease a large capacity truck, yet the needs of their business demand a truck half the size. The logic behind this is that the extra capacity would come in handy in the event that they needed to haul a much larger load. However, fueling a larger truck carrying half its capacity is considerably more expensive than fueling a smaller truck at its full capacity.

In addition, leasing a larger truck is much more expensive than a smaller truck of the right capacity. We advise our clients that the extra cost of leasing a larger truck, for an opportunity that comes once or twice a month, is not worth it. Instead, they can use a long-term lease for the right-sized truck, and short-term leases for bigger trucks when the need arises.

Avoiding Common Mistakes as an Owner Operator

It is exciting to begin a new phase in your life as an owner-operator, choosing your own freight and making your own money. Leasing a truck with TLC will allow you to engage with experts in the industry, who can provide useful tips based on decades of experience across North America combined with broad know-how.

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in Detroit, MI

Whether you want a delivery van or an 18-wheeler, for a short-term or long-term lease, we can come to an arrangement that fits your budget. Other owner-operators and fleet managers in Detroit choose us because of:

  • Our competitive rates
  • Our transparent dealings
  • Our expedited application process
  • Our fast approval
  • Our friendly and informed customer service
  • At Truck Loan Center, we are not just interested in making our money back. We want you to triumph as well, so we grow together. Contact our Detroit, MI, office for more details on leasing and loaning trucks and equipment.