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Truck Loans & Lease El Paso, TX

Many fleets looking to expand their business in El Paso, TX, choose to lease their trucks from Truck Loan Center, to avoid the heavy front-end financial investment associated with purchasing fleet vehicles.

We are the leading financial institution in North America, offering competitive truck lease and loan solutions to owner-operators and fleets. At Truck Loan Center, we are proud to support many trucking businesses across state and national borders, with our favorable agreements that give you an alternative to spending out-of-pocket to acquire or even repair your trucks.

How to Lease the Right Truck

One of the factors affecting the cost of leasing a truck is your need. In El Paso, TX, there are different kinds of fleets, and your needs can be for a small or a large truck, or somewhere in between. To determine the size of truck you need, we recommend that you answer the following questions:

  1. What Is Your Business Classification?
  2. You need to identify whether you are in the small business or large business category, or somewhere in between. Knowing the industries that your business works within can help you identify the smallest and largest size of truck that you need.

  3. How Many Trucks Will You Need?
  4. First consider how many trucks your company currently has – owned and leased. And then find out how many more trucks you would need in your fleet to make operations move more swiftly.

  5. What Types of Trucks Will You Need?
  6. Do you need delivery trucks, semi-trucks, or 18-wheelers? Depending on the kinds of loads you’re hauling, you may also need several different types of trucks.

Why You Should Lease Your Trucks from Truck Loan Center

Owning fleet trucks is not really an investment, considering how fast they depreciate. And even if you took out a loan on the equity, the amount would not be that substantial. Some fleet owners claim that they like the fact that they can brand their fleet vehicles uniformly. But you can also do this with long-term lease vehicles, and even short-term lease trucks, thanks to removable auto decals.

You could get a truck on a loan, but dealing with an inflexible financial institution with no knowledge of your industry can be daunting. Leasing your fleet trucks with an expert on trucking in El Paso, TX, and across the continent, is the smart move. Truck Loan Center’s leasing agreements are handled fast and transparently. We want to put the money in your bank as soon as possible—a couple of days—so you can back to business.

There are many things to consider besides your creditworthiness, such as your experience in the industry. We want your business to succeed. Our experts will discuss with you the items covered in the lease, including the length of the lease, monthly payments, mileage stipulations, and maintenance requirements.

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in El Paso, TX

When you come to our Truck Loan Center in El Paso, TX, our professional team will guide you through the loan or lease application process. We take pride in our fast review and approval process. So if you need a truck fast, for short-term or long-term lease, TLC has you covered.