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Truck Loans & Lease Jersey City, New Jersey

The commercial and trucking industry in New Jersey continues to thrive despite economic challenges. It’s not unusual considering items consumers will need to buy in any economic climate were brought to that store or location by a truck, making the trucking industry an enduring one.

Owner-operators and fleet managers looking to scale their operations in Jersey City often face the challenge of financing. Many established trucking businesses can access about $2 million loans to fund a number of business needs, including:

  • Buying new equipment and spares, such as wheels, brakes, axles, trailers and more
  • Hiring additional truck drivers
  • Covering daily expenses like fuel and tolls
  • Paying licensing fees and taxes

At Truck Loan Center, we understand that sometimes business owners don’t have the time to satisfy the requirements of traditional lenders. That is why we offer you the option to acquire the same equipment through leasing or renting in a simple and fast process that is tailored to your specific needs.

Why Should I Go through Truck Loan Center?

Buying trucking equipment is not necessarily the best business decision, especially when you consider the Jersey City environment and other factors that trucks are exposed to during deliveries, such as heavy loads, non-stop moving for expedited services, varied road conditions and so on.

Additionally, your trucking needs may keep changing, such that a recently acquired piece of equipment becomes too small for the work available in a matter of months, resulting in lost revenue. While you can sell the unit and get a new one, it is much simpler to lease for the capacity that you need, and then change accordingly.

Our services are among the best in the industry as we offer tailored solutions according to your unique needs. Our loan and lease services are characterized by:

  • Competitive rates depending on your current credit
  • A simple application process that takes just a few minutes
  • Fast application and turnaround
  • Transparency in our dealings
  • Speedy closing

Our options include leasing and loaning depending on the particular needs of your business. In our previous dealings, we have found that meeting our customer service representatives in person helps to improve your understanding of the financing options available to you, resulting in better and more informed decisions. After the meetings, we can keep you updated on current offers and other information that might help in your decision making.

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in Jersey City

While loaning or leasing present the best opportunities for growing your business needs, it is important to choose a company you can trust. If the benefits above have not convinced you yet that we are the best in Jersey City, then perhaps the assurance of maximum uptime will do it. We have scrupulous maintenance programs backed with replacement vehicles so your cargo will always arrive at its destination on time with minimal interruptions.

No other transport truck lease company on Jersey City offers exceptional customer service, lease terms or rates as Truck Loan Center. Contact our professional team today to discuss the options available to you.