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Truck Loans & Lease Lexington, Kentucky

When running an owner-operator or fleet business, you need to make many decisions on a regular basis concerning routes, safety, security, prompt deliveries and much more. Regardless of whether you’re just starting or expanding your growing trucking business, you’ll need to look into obtaining more trucks.

With the diversity of trucking needs in Lexington, many fleet owners and owner-operators look into different financing options so they can manage different types of trucks and trailers depending on their specifications.

At Truck Loans Center, we believe that renting and leasing is the best way to go. Successful trucking businesses in Lexington corroborate this fact, and the best decision you can make with regard to expanding your fleet is renting or leasing quality used trucks with a warranty.

Used trucks, trailers and special equipment are easier to fit within limited budgets and offer you more flexibility. Many of our clients in Lexington are not well informed of the various financing options for acquiring trucks. So, at Truck Loan Center, we have highly skilled and friendly staff to take you through the various options and help you determine what’s best for your business.

Just as we are prepared to help you move to the next level in your trucking business, it is important that you have a good idea of the kind of equipment you want. You can determine this through:

  • Knowing the requirements for your haul, including type of terrain, desired truck specs, any unusual operating conditions, fuel economy expectations and so on.
  • Determining your expected gross income
  • Picking a quality truck dealership that prioritizes your best interests to lease or loan with
  • Finding a comfortable and serviceable truck
  • Getting the assurance of uptime with the aid of meticulous maintenance programs backed with replacement vehicles
  • Sticking to your budget

Why Should I Go through Truck Loan Center?

From short distances to long-haul operations, we have the vehicle to suit your exact needs available for renting. We want your transport operation to succeed, so we help you determine exactly what your business needs are and go above and beyond to meet your specifications. We get you the right size, superior comfort, top shape to carry maximum load capacity, and much more for the current scale of your business.

As your trucking requirements change, we adjust your plan and give you exactly what you need so you never have to worry about lost revenue.

Other reasons to choose Truck Loan Center include:

  • Competitive rates in Lexington and the industry as a whole that are based off your current credit
  • Expedited application process and turnaround
  • Honesty and transparency in all dealings
  • A friendly team of customer care for updates and advice when you need it

Loaning or Leasing Transport Trucks in Lexington

At Truck Loan Center, an honest discussion with our skilled and professional staff will help you determine whether to lease or loan a truck depending on your needs and those of your company. We will also keep you informed on all pertinent special offers to guide your decisions. To talk to our team about your options, please contact us today.